Children's Birthday Party Ideas for 2, 3, and 4 Year Olds

Top Children’s Party Ideas for ages 2, 3, & 4!

15 Children’s Birthday Party themes!

Looking for some birthday party ideas for your little one? Well look no further!

Want some superhero party ideas?

With more than 180 characters, we have the perfect children’s party entertainer for you!

A Princess themed party perhaps?

We’ve performed at more than 28,000 kids parties in Sydney, so we know what it takes to make your child’s birthday party great!

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PJ Masks

PJ Masks, we’re on our way. Into the night, to save the day!

Our PJ Masks Parties are full of fun and excitement, as our Cat Boy,  Owlette, and Gecko characters play super fun games involving the whole PJ Masks gang! Help us fight Night Ninja, Luna girl and all the villians!


Paw Patrol

Yelp for help to make your PAW Patrol birthday special!!

Ryder is the first member of the PAW Patrol, who keeps Adventure Bay safe, with help from his posse of pups. He trained up the pups and also invented all the gadgets the team uses, and leads with confidence and a can-do attitude. All at the ripe old age of ten! 



Where do dreams come true? In Fairyland of course!
Superheroes Inc.’s fairy birthday parties brings a new world of enchantment to your child’s special day. Each fairy adventure also incorporates the element of mystery that’s suitable for kids of all ages.

Create a magical memory for your little fairy with a fairy birthday party. Call us today to plan your child’s next big birthday celebration.


Ahoy there matey!

The baddie pirates have somehow managed to find us in these treacherous seas and they’ve stolen our treasure. Kids, we can’t fight them on our own – we need your help!



Elsa & Anna will enchant at your Frozen party!

Elsa will glide into your Frozen birthday party in an entrance fit for an ice queen. She’ll break the ice with some beautiful singing, getting all your partygoers involved. Then clear the decks for lots of games and the coolest dance moves straight from Arendelle! 


He’s your Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!!

He’s the Original and the Best! You know your party entertainment is in safe hands as soon as Spiderman gracefully pounces into your party in all his lycra-clad glory, in between crime-fighting adventures. 


Choose the perfect princess from our long list, plan your Disney themed party and then sit back and enjoy while the kids are thoroughly and completely entertained by our professional performer/s. Choose from classic princesses such as, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, and many more. We’ve also got more modern princesses, like Elsa, so you can host your own Frozen birthday party.


Get your Bowtie and Beret!

Blippi is instantly recognisable by his signature bright orange and blue attire, complete with a bowtie and glasses. He is hugely popular with little kids due to his curious nature and the super fun way he explains different educational topics.




Are you ready for Ironman Tony Stark, Thor, Spiderman, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawkeye? They’re here to make sure your Avengers party takes down whatever bad guy shows up to put a dampener on the fun.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect avengers party ideas, then book Superheroes inc. Avengers party entertainers today!


Princess Celestia/ Unicorn

Did somebody say Unicorn??
The land of Equestria is ruled by a pair of Princesses, Celestia and Luna. Princess Celestia is the older Princess and is responsible for raising the sun at dawn. The princesses rule the land in harmony for all of the ponies. And best of all, she’s a UNICORN!!!!


Bob the Builder

Can we fix it?  YES WE CAN!

Muck, is that a sad face on the birthday child? Dizzy, it seems as though the parents have to entertain these crazy children and have no time to themselves!

Team, there’s a lot of work to be done to save this party!!



Toy Story

To infinity and beyond!!!

Reach for the sky with our super fun Toy Story themed kids party! Bring the magic of Toy Story to life with a party filled with fun and games based on the movies. Our passionate and professional entertainers can come dressed as either Woody, Buzz Lightyear or Jessie and take the kids on fun filled journey to infinity and beyond!



3,2,1… Blast off!!

Train to be a NASA astronaut at your Astronaut party! You’ll be lead through space drills that teach you how to travel into outer space. With galaxy face painting, rock ship balloons, and much more, your Astronaut birthday party will be written into history!


Robbie the Race Car Driver

Are you ready to race??

Robbie the Racer is an ultra-cool racing car driver with a big pair of aviator glasses and a sleek shiny racing-car driver suit. He has driven some of the greats like Finn McMissile and Lightning McQueen from the Disney movie Cars.

He’s a true champion!


Dinosaur Hunter/ Explorer

Cor blimey, it’s a snake!

Adventure through the wild at your jungle party! Just like the Crocodile Hunter and Andy’s Adventures, Jungle Jim just loves getting out into the great outdoors and discovering the wild and interesting animals that live there!