Bob the Builder

What’s that Scoop, there are bored children at that party?

Muck, is that a sad face on the birthday child?

Dizzy, it seems as though the parents have to entertain these crazy children and have no time to themselves!

Team, there’s a lot of work to be done to save this party. Can we fix it? With Bob the Builder arriving on the scene, YES WE CAN! Bob the Builder is the master Mr. Fix-It of birthday parties worldwide, and he has his party repair kit ready and waiting for your call to turn your party into a construction site to remember. Bob will teach partygoers all the skills needed to be a master builder through a rigorous, entertaining and hilarious set of activities that boys and girls can participate in, regardless of their knowledge!

Your party is sure to be remembered as the construction yard of the year with Bob’s antics around! Before he heads back to the construction yard, Bob will ensure that party-goers have received stickers recognising their official status as able officers who can work on any future construction site, as well as ensuring that the birthday boy/girl receives a special present!

But before he does that, he’s bound to help everyone fix the problem of how to build their way to the greatest construction of all, the birthday cake! With Bob the Builder at your party, its ensured that if you ask; ‘Can we party?’, your attendees will be able to answer with a resounding: ‘YES WE CAN!’.

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