Robbie Racer

Robbie the Racer is an ultra-cool racing car driver with a big pair of aviator glasses and a sleek shiny racing-car driver suit. He has driven some of the greats like Finn McMissile and Lightning McQueen from the Disney movie Cars. He will come zooming into your party straight from the racecourse ready to go ‘full-throttle’ at your next Kids Party. He’ll run a series of high speed Cars Themed games that’ll have the kids revved up, running around, and bursting with excitement. He’ll also share with the Kids stories that will re-create the fast-paced, action-packed excitement of the racing tracks. He’s a true champion!

He’s also an all-round motor-head who’ll be great for any Racing or Cars Themed Kids Party. If your son thinks that a great big loud engine strapped to a couple of wheels is about the best thing ever, bring Robbie the Racer to your party.

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