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Ahoy there matey!

The baddie pirates have somehow managed to find us in these treacherous seas and they’ve stolen our treasure. Kids, we can’t fight them on our own – we need your help!

It’s fun on the high seas with a kids’ pirate themed party. With their smart and quick thinking, combined with a treasure map, the kids will hunt for treasure. They’ll use their imagination and become a true pirate, where they’ll learn how to talk like a real pirate, sing a shanty or two and dance the pirate jig. They might even get the chance to walk the plank. If a pirate costume isn’t enough, we’ll paint their faces and even fight crocodiles, just like Captain Hook did. Unlike him, we promise that you won’t lose a hand.

After all the fun and games, it’s back to the main mission. The evil pirates still have our treasure and we need to get it back from them. The finale is a battle with the evil pirates. We need to teach them a lesson as to whose treasure it belongs to. In the end, each child will play an important role in saving the day.

For a fun adventure on the high seas, book your child a pirate themed birthday party today. Talk to the pirates at Superheroes Inc. to find out more our kids’ pirate parties!

pirate pic 

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