PJ Masks Catboy party Sydney

Catboy PJ Masks Birthday Party Entertainment Sydney

Sydney’s best PJ Masks Themed Party with Catboy

The PJ Masks Trio are crime-fighting heroes! Problems arise during the school day but by night Connor, Amaya and Greg become Catboy, Owlette and Gekko – the super problem solvers! These heroes save the day by sharing ideas, working together, using their strengths and recognising their weaknesses. Have a PJ Masks party with Catboy for a super adventure!

Catboy is the leader of the PJ Masks trio and the oldest member too. Learn how to use your super powers at your Catboy party! Watch as Connor transforms into Catboy in his blue cat costume. With all the powers of a super cat, Catboy is fast and agile. His Cat Ears give him super hearing, while his Super Cat Jump lets him leap far and high!

The adventure never ends at your PJ Masks themed birthday party. Book today and you’ll get your own PJ Mask so that you can transform into a Superhero too!

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PJ Masks Birthday Party Entertainment Sydney

Save the day with Catboy at your PJ Masks Themed Party!

No matter the challenge, “The amazing Catboy leaps to the rescue!” With his super skills Catboy can outrun anyone, like the evil Night Ninja! Defeat evil and solve problems at your Catboy party.

Speed away in Catboy’s Cat Car to go fight Romeo, Luna Girl and Night Ninja! Along with Owlette and Gekko, nothing can stop the PJ Masks trio!

PJ Masks birthday party characters Owlette and Catboy

Book you PJ Masks themed Party with Catboy today!

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