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ZOOM Virtual Parties

What is a Virtual Zoom Party?

It seems like the whole world has gone Topsy-Turvy!

At a time like this, creating memories and still bringing smiles to lots of faces is so important and celebrating birthdays is the perfect way to do that.

So what do we do when we’ve promised our children a visit from their favourite character or a party with all their best friends? We throw a VIRTUAL PARTY!! Virtual Parties are the perfect way to celebrate that special milestone and stay connected to friends and family.

At Superheroes Inc, we use ZOOM for our virtual parties. Zoom is a video conferencing service that allows you to virtually meet with others – either by video or audio-only or both. Perfect for virtually meeting all your friends at your virtual party!

How can Superheroes Inc. help at your ZOOM Virtual party?

Est. 2002, we are Sydney’s Best Party Entertainers and we’re ready to make your ZOOM party fun, simple, and easy! AND NOW, we can entertain at your ZOOM party anywhere and at any time, all around the world.

By having a Superheroes Inc. character entertain at your ZOOM party, we will bring our 18 years of knowledge and experience to the occasion, to ensure that all the children are involved (and the parents get to relax!).

We offer a fully-tailored show based around these factors – Age Group, Character and what the birthday girl/boy will love!

What do you need to host a ZOOM Virtual Party?

You’ll need to have access to a decent internet connection plus have access to device such as:

  • smartphone
  • iPad/tablet
  • computer or laptop – with webcam

It’s that easy!

Is it difficult to use ZOOM?

No! It’s super easy! We have step by step instructions here. We will guide you along the way and are here to answer any questions you may have.

What character can entertain at your ZOOM party?

What happens at a ZOOM party?

We tailor all of our entertainment around the birthday child and what they will love, so we need your help to put together the perfect party. Some of the fun activities and games we can do include:

  • Singing and dancing to your favourite music
  • Movement games
  • Character role play
  • Party games such as musical statues, scavenger hunt, Simon Says
  • Disco games such as a dance off, creating a dance routine, YMCA, Macarena
  • Picture Quizzes
  • Magic
  • Stories
  • Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday child

Why book a Superheroes Inc. Virtual ZOOM party?

We’ve thought of everything – e-Invites, step by step ZOOM instructions, tailored games and activities, 180+ character options, Superheroes Inc. staff are friendly and supportive and will help guide you along the way, the booking process is super easy and the party will be memorable and so much FUN!
Our Children’s Party Entertainment specialists have put a smile on thousands of children and their parents, so why should your child miss out just because the world has temporarily changed?