Make your child feel like a real princess and invite Cinderella to their next birthday party!

Watch your birthday girl and her friends gush wide-eyed as they see their all-time-iconic Princess waltz into the room. Cinderella  will explain that she is in the habit of losing one of her shoes, and had once left it behind at a ball where the Prince found it.

She will be a little confused as to where she is – is it a Ball, is it a birthday party?

The girls won’t hesitate to scream ‘birthday party’ in unison.

Cinderella will lead them to play fun games and activities from looking for the other slipper, sparkly face painting, Princess tea parties and racing against her ugly step sisters.

After singing happy birthday with your very own princess at cake time, Cinderella will announce that it’s time for her to return to the castle with the magical words that the Fairy Godmother had taught her. Will the girls help her remember? Bibbety Bobbety Boo!

Magical wishing dust will be sprinkled with girly treats granted to the birthday girl and her friends.

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