Spy Kids Birthday Parties

Spy Themed Birthday Party Entertainment

With Spy themed party formats for all ages, our Super Spies will tailor the difficulty and hiding places to the age of your guests. Perfect for James Bond, Mission Impossible or even a Spy Kids birthday party, your guests will learn sneaky spy moves, learn how to camouflage themselves and stay motionless for hours (well…seconds) just like EJ12 or Zac Powers.

We offer three styles of party depending on the age of your guests:

Under 7’s Spy Kids Birthday Party– our codes are in visual/picture format, easier for the early readers to decipher.

7+ Spy Master Party– more complex written clues for our savvy team of freshly minted spies.

7+ Spy Master NERF War Party– The Spy Master format with extra ‘NERF War Party’ action!

Once the treasure is found and saved, the final battle fought (with balloon swords) and the cake cut, the Spy Master slips away unseen (but for a trail of cake crumbs), leaving behind awesome memories and a bunch of happy new experts of espionage.

We also have loads of Spy Party Game Ideas to help make your party amazing. Read on!

Laser Tag Kids Birthday Party Sydney with Superheroes Inc

A super-sneaky mission, should you choose to accept it...

Our stealthy Spy Master will appear suddenly in your midst and take your guests on an espionage adventure they won’t forget in a hurry. Kids are quickly drawn into the story of missing treasure, but then they discover that there’s a traitor in their midst (a baddie in a red hat!). They must act quickly to crack the code and solve the case.

This party works well both in and outdoors; all you need to provide are a few spots to hide our sneaky clues (brought by the Spy Master) and the treasure, which could be the birthday cake, the Spy themed Gift Bags or even the birthday presents!

Our highly trained Spy Master will bring your spy cadets on an exciting journey, with clues waiting to be discovered and decoded throughout the party.

Spy Party Game Ideas

Superheroes Inc. knows how to throw a super fun Spy themed birthday party to keep both the body and mind busy.  As well as tracking down treasure, the Spy Master keeps the kids active with a series of exciting games designed to hone their spy skills and bring them closer to solving the mystery and finding the prize.

If you’re looking for something different, we also have loads of Spy party game ideas to help create a specially tailored Spy party just for you! Please feel free to call us to discuss how we can make your event extra special.

Or click through to our FAQ video page with more than 30 Princess, Pirate, and Spy birthday party ideas and videos we can answer all your questions!

Army & Spy Birthday Parties

For more information on our Spy themed birthday parties, check our new Army & Spy Parties website which is dedicated specifically to our Army & Spy Parties for children aged 3-15 years.

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