Game on! Book your epic Laser Tag/ NERF War birthday party!

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We often get asked if we offer Laser Tag or NERF war parties – the answer is YES!  Add all the thrills of battle to your kids party entertainment!

If your party guests are aged 5 or above (7+ for NERF), we can add a combat element to most of our character parties –  complete with Laser Tag/NERF guns, targets, barricades and more – we’ve got everything you need to take your party to the next level of action and excitement! 

‘Combat Crew’ Battle Parties – Basic format

You choose the theme and we’ll do the rest! We format the party structure so that it includes all the Superhero, Ninja/ Spy/ Avengers/ Star Wars, etc action followed by Laser Tag/ NERF Gun Battles aplenty!

We tailor our format to your event requirements, the basic format for our ‘Combat Crew’ Party is as follows:

Surprise entry, followed by 30 minutes of Tactical Operations (character/theme based) training including boot camp with:

  • Tug-of-War
  • Obstacle course
  • Tactical manoeuvres and spying
  • Distribution of safety gear and weapons

Followed by 60 minutes of Weapons Training: Laser Tag/ NERF Gun Battles (based on 90min party). Games include:

  • Capture the Flag
  • Running the Gauntlet
  • Elimination
  • Accuracy and Marksmanship Challenges
  • Humans vs Zombies
  • Protect the President
  • and more!

We finish up with birthday cake, prizes for all the children and a grand exit!

At each stage of the party we’ll work hard to engage and entertain all of your party guests (and make a special fuss of the birthday boy or girl).

Combat Crew NERF War Party Kids party entertainers Sydney Superheroes Inc

‘Combat Crew’ Laser Tag/ NERF Gun Party – Basic Facts

  • Age: Suits children aged 5-17 years (minimum 7+ for NERF)
  • Size: Up to 24 participants. Parents are welcome to play too! (Got a larger group? Just call us on 02 9326 4686)
  • Duration: 90-120 mins
  • We bring everything we need – you just sit back and watch as we run the show!
  • Includes Laser Tag/ NERF guns for all participants
  • Location: All Sydney Suburbs – We come to you!

What’s included in my ‘Combat Crew’ Party?

As well as a range of awesome character themed party activities and equipment, we’ll also provide:

  • 24 x Laser Tag/ NERF Battle guns
  • 24 x Vests
  • 24 x Safety glasses (NERF only)
  • 1000+  NERF Bullets (NERF only)

All additional activity equipment including:

  • Tug of War Rope
  • Targets
  • Flags
  • Camouflage paint
  • Markers
  • Barricades
  • Stickers for each child
  • A special present for the birthday boy or girl

All we need from you is kids & space!!! We’ll do the rest!

Parent planning – it’s easy!

The great thing about having a children’s entertainer at your party is that it takes the pressure off you, and makes it a completely stress-free party experience. You can relax, take photos, enjoy your guests and watch your child have the time of his or her life! Feel free to get involved or sit back and enjoy the show! All we need from you is:

  • A good space: We can run a ‘Combat Crew’ themed birthday party in your backyard, a neighbourhood park, local oval or large indoor space
  • Food and drinks: The ‘Combat Crew’ birthday parties are high energy, high intensity event with lots of exercise, so make sure you have plenty of healthy food and drink available for your hungry troops
  • Cake: Be sure to have the birthday cake ready at least ten minutes before your entertainer has to exit. Don’t worry – he or she will give you a nod!
  • Supervision: Although our entertainers take the utmost care to ensure the safety of all the children at your party, parental supervision is required

Combat Crew Pricing – 1 x Entertainer

Combat Crew Pricing – 2 x Entertainers

*Travel Fees may apply

^Slightly larger group?  Give us notice and we’ll happily add extra’s (max group size 30) at no extra cost.

Massive group? Only $80 for an extra NERF/LASER set (24 kits).  Inflatable obstacles = $80.
Subject to availability


Combat Crew NERF Party Kids party entertainers Sydney Superheroes Inc

Birthday party NERF War games and battle ideas

Superhero themed birthday parties

Super superhero birthday NERF gun battles

What’s guaranteed to make your superhero party even more super?  An epic battle to save the city/world/universe! Our Combat Crew Commando can join Superman to train your little superheroes to take on the most dastardly of villains – or even willing parents! 

We have awesome superhero party battle ideas.  Superman and your team of superheroes- in-training can find and bring down Lex Luthor. Or  Batman and Superman teams could clash just like in Batman vs Superman!  Have a whole team of superheroes like the Avengers or Justice League training your squadron in their specialist skills, with mini elite units coming clashing in a final battle! Whatever birthday war games you have in mind, we can make it happen!

Star Wars NERF Battles - it's a great fit!!

Star Wars intergalactic party wars!

The sky’s the limit when you mix a Star Wars birthday party with our Combat Crew!  Your party could peak with a team vs team battle with NERF guns between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, or maybe all your little rebels will join forces to help Princess Leia fight the Imperial troops!  

Whatever intergalactic hero (or villain) you choose from the Star Wars galaxy, we can make your Star Wars party completely out of this world when our Combat Crew NERF gun battle magic is added to the party mix! May the force be with you…

Fairies and NERF! Hellz yeh!

We often think of fairies as being meek and mild, talking to flowers and patting little bunnies, but when they need to, they can totally kick some butt – just ask Zanita the Pirate Fairy! Your fairy birthday party for older fairy fans can go to a whole new place when it’s combined with our Combat Crew party pack!   

The only more thing more exciting than a fairy party is a fairy party with weapons training and a thrilling  battle with NERF guns!  Your fairy posse can help Zarina and friends to take on Captain Hook and his pirate crew to rescue their pixie dust, or maybe your girl squad would just love the chance to dress up in their fairy best and learn to battle with the best of them – with NERF guns!

Spy themed NERF Battles - enough said!

I spy…a sneaky, stealthy spy mission!

When our Spy Master takes charge of your spy birthday party, he or she will lead your spy cadets on a secret mission, finding clues, cracking codes and solving tricky cases. 

But wait, is there a traitor hiding in plain sight at your spy party?  That sounds like a mission to locate and contain the dirty double-crosser!  Enter our Commando party entertainer, who will join our super spy to put those brand new spy skills to work in a mission that will include an epic battle complete with NERF guns!

Zombies & NERF - Made for each other!

Zilch the Zombie war games

If you’re having a Halloween party, or after birthday party ideas for a card-carrying Zombie fan, mash up our Zombie party with Combat Crew and you’ll have the most terrifyingly good time! 

The birthday boy or girl and their zombie vanquishing platoon will be trained up by  our Commander of the Zombie Protection Force to identify, locate and dead the undead.  Then it’s time to put those skills to the test to find our Zombie and save the rest of the party from the brain-eating menace with their NERF guns in a thrilling battle!  A willing parent might even be invited to join the zombie posse…

FORTNITE - need we say more?

Have a Fortnite Battle Royale!

Our Combat Crew format is given a Fortnite flavour in our Fortnite Battle Royale birthday party.  After a surprise entrance by our Commando party entertainer, your party squadron will take part in half an hour of basic battle training.  

It all comes together with a full hour of Fortnight party Battle Royale NERF gun battle fun, jam-packed with individual and team challenges. Their marksmanship and team work abilities will be put to the test, with plenty of celebratory flossing along the way!

Army/ Commando NERF - go back to where it all began

Get armed (but not dangerous!) with our Armywar games

Atten…SHUN! Our SAS Combat Crew Commando will get your army party off to to an exciting start with tactical operations training, with a fun-filled boot camp for your party platoon including obstacle courses, tug-of-war and more.   

Weapons training and battle tactics follow, to get your party platoon ready for some epic battles with NERF guns the weapons of choice.  Fight the Zombies! Protect the President/Prime Minister/Princess! Capture the Flag!  Your troops will sleep soundly after their adrenaline-powered Combat Crew army party…zzzz

Ninja themed kids birthday parties

Ninja combat fun…with NERF guns!

If a Ninja NERF gun battle is what you’re after, our Ninja party entertainer  is the complement to our Commando!  After our Ninja gets the party underway with special Ninjutsu training and games to build ability and focus, our Commando will crash the party to take the training to the next level.  

He’ll work with our Ninja  to share battle tactics and battle readiness activities to make sure your party guests are ready for a Ninja and NERF gun fun fest!

Minecraft themed NERF birthday parties

Minecraft  NERF wars: Zombie vs skeletons and cow battles! 

If you’re having a Minecraft birthday party with Minecraft Steve, why not take it to the next level by adding a Combat Crew war,  complete with NERF guns?  After Steve gets the Minecraft party started, he’ll be joined by our commando to get battle ready and ready for some combat fun! 

We can set up all sorts of  Minecraft mob battles, from a Zombie army vs Skeleton army clash, to  a legendary cow battle.  Whatever battle scenario you might have in mind, we can bring it to life with all the fun of NERF gun war! 

Sports themed NERF birthday parties

Sports & NERF guns – a winning combination!

Sport themed kids birthday parties are a great high energy option that link in perfectly with NERF/ Laser Tag. Not only is a fantastic way to get the kids outside and active, but they’ll have heaps of fun being part of a team. They’ll learn the importance of teamwork, while bringing out their competitive side!

Whatever your birthday party theme, we can integrate our Combat Crew training and battle elements  seamlessly. If you have some out-of-the-box combat, battle or war games party ideas in mind, give us a call. We’d love to workshop them with you!

Combat Crew Laser Tag / NERF Battle party FAQs

How old do you need to be to join the Combat Crew? 

Laser Tag – We recommend that Combat Crew Laser Tag players be five years or older. 

NERF – We recommend that Combat Crew NERF players be seven years or older. 

How many people can play? 

Up to 24 people can play in the standard Combat Crew package (including parents!) If you have a bigger party, get in touch! 

What are NERF guns? 

NERF guns are toy guns that fire soft foam projectiles.  We only use genuine NERF products at our parties, to ensure compliance with safety standards. 

Is it safe? 

Safety is our number one priority.  That’s why we include safety glasses with every NERF gun we use in our battles and war games. 

Is Laser Tag safe?

The beam is actually infrared – as used in TV remotes. So the game is ideal for all ages and genders.

 What venues are suitable? 

 You’ll need to have a venue with lots of space (think a tennis-court size area). NERF guns have an impressive range!  We love areas with obstacles (rocks, trees, bushes, and play equipment etc.), as that helps to ‘set the scene’.  

See our list of blogs for parks/venues in your area

What size space do you need?

Ideally a tennis court size space is preferred, though we’ll do our best in smaller areas.

 Do we need to supply anything? 

 Not a thing!  We’ll bring everything needed to be battle ready, including a Laser Tag/ NERF gun for everyone, safety glasses and a vest.  All the activity equipment is included, too.  Just sit back and relax!