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FAQ Videos- We’re here to help!

When you have organised as many events as we have, you come across all sorts of situations!

We have made video’s covering off the most commonly asked questions below; I hope they help. We are always adding more to the list – if you think there is something that we’ve missed please feel free to ask!


Andre Pech – Director of Fun

Will you get all your RSVP’s back?

How to tailor your kids’ party to the right age and gender

Army & Spy Parties Explained

When is the best time to serve the cake?

When is the best time to serve the food at your kids party?

When is the best time of day to have your kids party?

Whats a good group size for a birthday party?

What do you do if it rains on the day?

What information does Superheroes Inc need from me?

What if my backyard is too small?

Game ideas to fill time before and after the Superheroes Inc show!

What are the age groups and genres we cater to?

Bad weather and postponing your kids party

What happens on the day of my party?

Getting the party started right – Making the character’s entrance work for your party

4 Steps to a low stress DIY Kids Party

How we make our entrance – ‘The Party Starter Kit’ explained

How we entertain kids at a big event – 40th’s, Weddings etc

How do we help with scared or anxious children?

There will be older kids there also, how do we keep them engaged?

How can we make your corporate event great?

When is the best time to give our Party Bags?

Does it work to mix character themes at a party?

How far in advance should I book?

Do the parents have to be involved in a Superheroes Inc Party?

Can I ask for specific games at my party?

How does the SAS Commando NERF event work?

Do Superheroes Inc offer Magicians?

Where in Centennial Park is best for a Commando NERF event?