Santa and Elf themed Christmas Event Entertainment

Sydney’s Best Christmas Party  Entertainment!

Perfect to help bring Christmas excitement and cheer to children! They will create excitement and keep the children engaged and entertained with activities. They can also assist with handing out presents and be available for photos.



The jolly man in the red suit, will bring joy and wonder to your Christmas celebrations. Whether you are celebrating in December or Christmas in July, Santa would love to be at your party to hand out gifts, listen to wish lists and have photos taken!


Elves are Santa’s energetic and fun loving helpers, Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without them!

Our Elves here at Superheroes Inc are always busy as bees preparing for Christmas! They can’t wait to join everyone at their Christmas parties, as playing games and getting up to Christmas mischief is something that they do best.

Santa and Elves Packages


Until the 23rd December

Do you need Santa to help spread the Christmas cheer in your work place, at your event, or a Christmas gathering of family and friends? We have an in with Santa and Elves.

Christmas Eve

Will Santa be sliding down the chimney to deliver presents or joining you for a Christmas Eve gathering? We can pass the invitation on to Santa and Elves.

Christmas Day

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! Santa and Elves can be there on Christmas day to deliver the presents himself, make sure you are on his list!