Not every character fits neatly into a box. Therefore, we’ve created this category of characters just to include today’s most loved characters. We offer an extensive array of characters from all of your kids’ favourite cartoons, movies, folklore and eras.

One of our most popular themes is Harry Potter. At a Harry Potter party, the kids can join learn spells, sit under the sorting hat, and join Harry, Hermione and Ron on their wizarding adventures. There’s plenty of games and activities for the kids to take part in and they’ll learn how to be a true wizard.

In the slightest chance that your child isn’t into Harry Potter or film franchises, why not host them a circus party instead? With their wacky outfits and outgoing personality, our resident clowns will certainly have your child and all the party guests smiling and laughing for hours.

Here at Superheroes Inc., there’s so many characters to choose from, but if your child’s favourite character isn’t here, do not hesitate to give us a call. We’ll do our very best to accommodate your needs. We are always adding new and exciting characters to our already large and existing range.