Belle – Beauty and the Beast

Invite Belle from Beauty and the Beast to your child’s next birthday to show them how to party like a princess!

Afraid of the party turning into an earthquake of little girls? Fear not! The elegant Belle will take control and show your party of raucous rascals and teach them how to be real ladies.If you’ve been thinking about taking your precious little one to deportment class, then a Belle themed party is a good place to start.

Entering the room with head held high, Belle is the most trained and prepared in all things graceful – subservient and honorable to the Beast of course! Learning all things of the Palace is only the beginning with curtseys, toe-pointing and how-do-you-dos in place to give your birthday girl and her friends a simple perspective in becoming a real princess.

Belle will bestow your little princess and her friends with fun Palace games, sparkly face painting and magical wishing dust. Watch your party of girls’ posture change as they try to mimic the all-alluring Belle. Their quiet demeanor will surprise you!

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