It looks like bad weather for my event

It looks like bad weather for my event
March 19, 2019 SuperTrev
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HELP! I have a party coming up and the weather looks bad!!!

Even in sunny Sydney we still get hit by the occasional bout of bad weather. According to our good friends at Wikipedia, there are 134.7 ‘rainy’ days per year, though more often than not it is barely a sprinkle.

However, in our quest to deliver amazing parties and events, we try to cover off as many variables possible. So here is some extra info on rainy days and birthday parties!

Not sure of the weather for your party? We use and recommend the BOM’s guide to Sydney weather –

What do we do if it rains at your party?

Most of our events can be moved to an indoor venue. We may need to shift to a Plan B, but it’s no big deal. Our shows are adaptable, so you are guaranteed a fun time even if we can’t do all of the favourite games. If you are not sure, just give us a call and we can go through the options for your event.

If your party is at home, please clear out a room for us to use. Or if you are thinking of hiring a venue, our advice is to act fast as the community centres and scout halls of Sydney can quickly become a hot commodity!

We are happy to provide advice and tips for venues etc, but ultimate responsibility for the venue (and it’s suitability for your event) is up to you.

Isn’t this party for the children…?

Ok, lets get real here. Most kids LOVE playing in the rain and won’t be bothered. It’s the parent’s comfort we need to look out for. So the first thing to look for is a park that has an undercover area so that the parents can have a cup of coffee (or something stronger) while the kids do their thing. If the weather looks REALLY bad, that’s when we need to discuss our options.

Combat Crew (NERF War) and Sports events

Some of our formats work a whole lot better outdoors. Fortunately these events tend to also be aimed towards older children (7+ yrs) who, in our experience, LOVE the rain and are happy to keep going. If there is a potential for bad weather, we recommend that you let the other parents know that it is an outdoor party so that they can prepare appropriately. If you are concerned about your venue, then give us a call and we can discuss the options.

picture of our NERF War Birthday party battles in Sydney

We might change the venue on the day…

If this is an option for you then please let us know in the lead up to your event. On the day of your event, we are always in touch at least 60mins before our start time, so if you need to move to your Plan B, you can let us know then.

What if I need to postpone the party?

We are happy to move the party to a different date for you (subject to availability).  However a surcharge of 50% will apply to all bookings moved within 48hrs of our booked start time.

What if I need to postpone the party?


Key points to note:

  • Rain adds to the excitement for some kids – just make sure they are dressed appropriately
  • Generally it’s the parents you need to worry about – do they have shelter/ hot coffee etc
  • We can do the party indoors for most formats – call us in the office if you are not sure for your event.
  • We’ll be in touch at least 60mins before so we can always finalise the location then (as long as it’s not too far away)
  • Its up to YOU to confirm that the venue is suitable for your needs
  • We will do our best to make your event a complete success. Please bear in mind that on any given weekend we are juggling 35-40 events, so as with most things in life, preparation and communication are paramount!
  • We recommend you let the other parents know if it is an outdoor party so that they can prepare appropriately
  • We take care to provide an entertaining show regardless of the conditions but ultimately is it the your responsibility to ensure that the venue is appropriate for your event
  • We have performed THOUSANDS of events in poor weather/ cramped spaces! It’s not ideal but we will do the best we can on the day

What if my backyard/space is small?


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