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Invite Superheroes Inc to your next Princess themed birthday Party!

Your princess loving birthday child will be the real princess (or prince!) of the day, as one (or more if you like) of our elite team of Princesses, glides royally into your next birthday party ready to enchant your excited party guests.

Choose the perfect princess from our long list, plan your Disney themed party and then sit back and enjoy while the kids are thoroughly and completely entertained by our professional performer/s. Choose from classic princesses such as, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, and many more. We’ve also got more modern princesses, like Elsa, so you can host your own Frozen birthday party.

We all know today’s princesses are quite capable of taking care of themselves, and so we’re here to teach Princess Power. There’s no waiting around to be saved by princes these days.

And yet, these modern day princesses still enjoy the finer things of life, so their royal visitor will transform them into the belles of the ball, take them into a secret castle and teach the finer points of becoming a beautiful princess! They’ll learn how to dance, play secret princess games and act like royalty.  And then, if princess power is what they’re after, they’ll be trained up for a mighty princess battle.

Each princess brings her own individual style to the party, and the games and fun will reflect her particular personality. There’s plenty of activities for the kids to enjoy, including face painting, musical games and princess magic galore.

Every Princess party is carefully tailored to the specific needs of the event itself (location, space etc.), so you won’t have to worry about a thing.  Relax and enjoy the royal treatment when Superheroes Inc. brings a Princess to your next Frozen or Disney themed party. And if you can’t find your favourite princess on our list, please ask – we’re always adding more.



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