‘Roll up, Roll up, the Circus is in Town!’  You may not be able to bring a roaring lion or a balancing elephant into your party, set up a 50 metre trapeze, or have the space to set up a giant striped big-top tent, but anyone can have a stylishRingmaster bring the fun and excitement of the Circus straight into their next Kids Birthday Party or event.  

  Ringmasters are cheery and charismatic, they’ll have your kids marching about your house playing games and pretending to be characters from a circus show. The Ringmaster will use his big booming voice to keep order and ensure that a fun time is had by all. He’s also full of stories about the crazy world of the circus.  

  A Ringmaster works very well in conjunction with a Circus Clown; they make a great comic duo. The Clown can provide silliness and chaos, whilst the Ringmaster provides order and sensibleness. The kids will be enthralled by the comedic antics that theRingmaster and Clown get up to.  

Alternatively, if you’re having an event and need a unique MC to coordinate the proceedings in style, consider hiring a Ringmaster. Ringmastersare a stylish, loud and hilarious alternative. They are the perfect way to MC your event.    

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