Peter Pan

The little boy who refuses to grow up, made famous by the Disney film.

When Peter Pan comes whizzing into your party he’ll be bouncing with infectious energy energy and excitement. He has a taste for adventure and danger. He’s not afraid of anything, but he does have a soft soft for the beautiful Wendy.

Peter Pan will treat the birthday girl or boy and their friends like they are new members of his Lost Boys gang. They’ll all have a lot of carefree fun together, just like Peter Pan does when he’s back home in Neverland. But they’ll have to be careful of Peter Pan’s arch nemesis, the infamous pirate Captain Hook.

If you’re having a Pirate Party why not invite Peter Pan to be one of the ‘goodies’. Or if you’re having a Tinkerbelle Themed Birthday Party, invite Peter along as well. Together they’ll recreate the magic of Neverland at your Kids Party.

For a party filled with fun and excitement, invite Peter Pan. 

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