Does your son or daughter dream of casting spells, mixing potions and waving magic wands? Perhaps they would like a Wizard to come teleporting into their next birthday party? There is a whole world of magical make believe that children love to explore and a Wizard is the perfect person to guide them on that journey of exploration. Importantly, our Wizards will make sure that the children only use their magical powers for good purposes and don’t accidentally turn someone into a frog.

Just like Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, our Wizards are brave, friendly and knowledgeable, they also know how to tell wacky and strange jokes that will keep the children bubbling over with laughter. Some of our Wizards can even perform genuine Magic Tricks.

A Wizard will even teach the children some of their arcane arts. They will teach them how to do magic mind control tricks on the parents! Right before your eyes parents will be squawking like chickens and dancing like ballerinas, caught under the children’s spell until all of a sudden the Wizard snaps their fingers and the magic stops! A Wizard will also teach the children to use their magic to fight against Wizards who practice the dreaded ‘dark arts’. They will co-ordinate a mighty magical battle involving the parents, if they’re keen, and the Wizard will ensure that the forces of good ultimately triumph.

If you’re having a Halloween party, we can also provide you with Witches, Devils, and all kinds of creepy characters to make your Halloween party Spooktastic!

Call Superheroes Inc. now to discuss our range of Wizard options available.  Invite a Wizard to your next Kids Birthday Party; they will make all of your party problems disappear in a puff of smoke!

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