Indiana Jones

Take your child on an adventure with the marvelous Indiana Jones to find fortune and glory at their next party!

On Weekdays Indiana Jones is a college professor cooped up in his library with books and artefacts, but on the weekends he transforms into Indiana Jones the intrepid adventurer, ready to risk life and limb in search of adventure and new objects for the museum. He has travelled to ancient and mysterious temples in South America, dodged booby traps on his way to finding the coveted holy grail, he has even survived a nuclear bomb blast by hiding in a refrigerator. What an amazing guy! He’s the ultimate everyday superhero and he can come to your next Kids Birthday Party!

He will have the birthday boy and their friends reliving the fun and adventures of the Indiana Jones Movies. Using their powers of imagination they’ll be transported to exotic locations such as the Jungles of South-East Asia or the deserts of Africa.  They’ll go on perilous journeys together, running away from giant rolling boulders and rescuing their friends from all kinds of baddies. Vicious animals, wild natives and Nazis won’t stand a chance when Indiana Jones teaches the kids how to use their adventurer powers. It’ll be a party fuelled by heart pounding, non-stop, action and excitement when Indiana Jones comes to save the day.

Call us today to book Indiana Jones for your next Kids Birthday Party! As soon as we find him, in a cave, or in the jungle or wherever he happens to be, we’ll send him straight to your next Indiana Jones themed party!


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