Someone’s in trouble!

Sportacus is here to get your party guests on their feet! if your party need to get up, run around, jump & move. Sportacus is here to get your party moving around with healthy games, exercise and fun! If you are looking for the perfect Lazy Town Party, then Superheroes is the perfect place. Sportacus is more than just the above average hero, he is extremely athletic, can never sit still, and must always keep his heart rate up with his gymnastics routine! With a wonderfully kind heart, Sportacus will have your Lazy Town party pumping with laughter, fun and games! Contact Superheroes today to have your very own Lazy Town Party guest, Sportacus!

The Lazy Town Party is perfect for kids who love to run, play around and join in with the whole gang! If your birthday boy or girl wants a Lazy Town Birthday Party, then who better to invite than Sportacus himself! Book a Lazy Town Party with Sportacus himself today with Superheroes!

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