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Save the Princess with Sydney’s Super Mario Party Entertainers!

‘It’s a me! Mario!’ ‘And a me! Luigi!’ They’re the little Italian fellows with big bushy moustaches and even bigger appetites for fun and adventure! Invite one or both of them to your next Superheroes Inc. birthday party and they will take everyone on a journey into the magical computer-game world of Mario.

It’s a world filled with quirky characters like Donkey Kong the neck-tie wearing gorilla, Yoshi the ever resourceful dinosaur, and Toad the mushroom person. It’s a world in which special coins must be constantly collected, turtle shells are used as weapons, and Princess Peach, the damsel in distress, must be rescued from the wicked Bowser who has captured her and thrown her into his castle. Invite Mario and Luigi to your Super Mario Party for the biggest adventure!

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Beat the boss with Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi will bring the wonder and excitement of this magical world at your Super Mario Party. They will teach your kids how to rescue people like Princess Peach, they will teach everyone to use their special Mariopowers to defeat baddies like Bowser, they will even take the kids on an imaginary go-kart race around your backyard! ‘Mamma mia!’ Your kids will all be saying as Mario and Luigi take the fun up to level 10!

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