From the moment they arrive our Superheroes are weaving their magic, straight from Superheroes HQ, they are fully in character and ready to beat the bad guys!

Cooking up make-believe situations where a bunch of eager Superheroes are needed is part of the fun with any superhero birthday party. Our superheroes are experts, but there’s no way they can do it without the kids – we’ll need their help! You’ll love watching the kids become drawn in and fully involved in the world our heroes create.

The kids will be thoroughly involved in all the age appropriate activities. It will be (controlled) chaos as our performer has them running around in a high-energy explosion of fun and craziness. They’ll be taught to spy on their nemesis, develop speed to catch their foes, learn skills to rescue their buddies, and master signature superhero moves.

We teach every guest to be like their favourite superhero characters. Each little superhero has an important role to play, making them think that they saved the day. The final battle is one of our trademarks, where the guests end up winning with the help of their Superhero buddy!

For a superhero birthday party that will make your child the centre of attention and feel truly special, choose Superheroes Inc. If you can’t see your preferred Superhero here, do not hesitate to contact us. We’re always adding new, exciting characters to our already large collection.

If you can’t see your preferred Superhero here, just ask us, we’re always adding new, exciting characters


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