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Rule your world with your Minecraft party entertainer!

Steve is the Hero of the Minecraft world and no one knows how to survive better than he does. Using his pick, crafted from materials Steve has gathered, he mines for precious minerals and materials to build his castle. At night there are creepers about, they want to destroy all of Steve’s creations. Other monsters include Zombies, Skeletons and the spooky Enderman. All are to be avoided! In Minecraft you have to be smart, not just fast and strong. You quickly learn that gold isn’t always the best material for everything and different materials have different uses.

Join Steve, build your world, and vanquish your enemies at your Minecraft Party!


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Looking for a fun boys party theme? Look no further! With Superheroes Inc. a Minecraft party is easy and stress free. Children’s birthday parties are already exciting as it sounds, but it’s even more fun when their favourite character is part of it too.

Superheroes Inc. will come anywhere across Sydney for your event. A Minecraft party is suited well to both indoor and outdoor venues. Book online or call us today at 02 9326 4686.



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