Army & Spy Parties Logo - croppedOur ARMY  parties will turn your party people into a well-trained squadron of soldiers!

 Commando Crew

We’ll be schooling them in essentialdart-tag military skills, preparing them to face the enemy and guiding them through a final battle, complete with fierce balloon swords, or if you choose, NERF guns.

Our formats are age appropriate and tailored to you. Choose from:

Cadets – Ages 3-7 yrs

Perfect for kids up to 7 years old, our Commando arrives at the party ready for action. He’s tough, no nonsense and knows how to keep the troops inline.

Special Forces – Ages 7+

Building on the ‘Cadet’ format, ‘Special Forces’ is designed for older kids, to turn a bunch of wild boys and girls into an organised cohort, pushed to their limits.

SAS (inc NERF Hire) – Ages 7+

Our SAS parties are the ultimate in Commando parties and are split into two parts: Tactical Operations and Weapons Training including the awesome NERF battles!
Our Commando will arrive in full camouflage gear and keep the troops busy, active and totally engaged; you only need to make sure there’s enough food, because they’ll be hungry!


Do you have a little soldier in the family? Do they have a camouflage outfit on, complete with war paint, and is ready to go to battle? It sounds like an army party is for them.

An army themed party will turn your party people into a well-trained squadron of warriors. You’ll have a fully trained Commando ready to put the kids to work. They’ll be schooled in essential military skills, and once they’ve mastered them, they’ll be confident and ready to face the enemy. They’ll take part in an action-packed final battle, complete with fierce balloon swords. And, if the older kids are looking for a weapon that’s a bit more powerful, we’ve also got NERF guns available.

Not only does an army party boost fitness, but the kids will gain a plethora of skills in stealth, agility, precision, strength, and teamwork, all while having fun with their closest friends.

While our Commando is occupied keeping the troops busy, active and totally engaged, don’t forget to have plenty food ready on hand. Once they’re done, the hard-working soldiers will be ready for a feast.

If you’ve got an aspiring little military man or woman in your home, it’s about time that they had their two favourite things come together – their birthday and army. Call us today to book your child an army themed party.


Does an Army themed party sound like just the thing for your Child? Call us now on 02 9326 4686 and make a booking for the Commando to visit your next kids party!


For more information on our Army parties, check our new website Army & Spy Parties which is dedicated specifically to our Army & Spy Parties, catering for children aged 3-15 years!

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