Everything is Awesome!

Join Emmet Brickowski, an average guy. Emmet is a pretty normal dude who was once just living his ordinary life in the city of Bricksburg. When all of a sudden he was mistaken as ‘The Special.’ Emmet had to then go through a series of challenges, meeting a wide range of characters to discover himself and how to defeat the evil Lord Business.  If you have been racking your brain to find lego party ideas for your child. Then let Emmet bring the Lego party to you! Emmet will be able to tell your kids what it was like to meet all the famous characters, who he defeated Lord Business and show them some great games. Contact Superheroes Inc today to book your very own Lego party!

If your child loved The LEGO movie, then let us throw them a LEGO birthday party! Your child’s event will be the talk of the school yard for weeks. Every child will feel included and the birthday child will be forever grateful with their Lego Party, where everything IS Awesome! Book now!

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