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To infinity and beyond at your Buzz Lightyear party!

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, the newest toy to Andy’s room and the best space ranger in the universe is here to help trainee space rangers at your birthday party. Learn to defend yourself against Evil Emperor Zurg and his minions at your Buzz Lightyear party!

As defender of the galaxy, it is essential that Buzz equips the next generation of space rangers for an exciting, fun, and inclusive battle of universal proportions: and he’s ready to begin at your Buzz Lightyear party!

Buzz will arrive at your training facility equipped and prepared to take partygoers through an exciting and entertaining array of challenges aimed at improving the necessary skills needed to be a Space Ranger at Star Command, including agility, speed, teamwork and stealth.

As attendees progress through each challenge, Buzz will encourage them to use their newly acquired skills to defeat evil once and for all, culminating in an epic space ranger challenge complete with balloon lasers to win the birthday cake back from the hungry Emperor Zurg.

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Learn to be a superhero with Buzz


Before Buzz flies back to defend other areas of the galaxy, he will ensure that all partygoers receive their official sticker and that the birthday boy/girl is given a special space ranger gift, before leaving your new bunch of space rangers to defend the party galaxy themselves. Buzz also loves defending the universe and equipping space rangers with his closest friends from Toy Story, Woody and Jessie, both of whom can also come to the party if you are interested.

Either way, Buzz will ensure that your party is a hit, even if he has to go to infinity…and beyond!


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