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Kids Parties Online: Everything you need to know for ZOOM

Hosting a Children’s Birthday Party Online: Your ‘How To’ Guide

Everything you need to know about running a Zoom Party from home

Superheroes Inc has compiled a full list of everything you need to know about running a Zoom Party at your place!

What is ZOOM?

Zoom is a video conferencing service that allows you to virtually meet with others – either by video or audio-only or both.
Perfect for virtually meeting all your friends at your virtual party!

Where does a ZOOM online kids party take place?

In the comfort of each individual attendees’ home, including the entertainer. Ideal for the current world we are living in.

What do I need to run a ZOOM kids party online?

– All the children invited will need to have access to either an iPad/tablet, computer or laptop with webcam w/ microphone and speakers
– All the children invited will need to have access to a medium to strong internet connection

*Top tip*

To get an even better experience, connect your laptop up to the TV via HDMI cable to display the picture onto the larger screen – just position the webcam so that we can still see you

Do I need a ZOOM account?

No, you don’t need a Zoom account, however, it is free to create an account and we guarantee that you’ll be hooked on Zoom, it’s the perfect way to stay connected with friends and family at this time.
We do recommend that all children download the Zoom app via the Zoom Download Center, prior to the party day. Otherwise, you will be prompted to download and install Zoom when you click the join link.

Can I do a test meeting to familiarise myself with the program?

Definitely! Join a test meeting via this link –

Where do you offer ZOOM online kids parties?

Wee can offer a ZOOM party to anyone, anywhere in the world!

How many children can I invite to my Zoom Online Kids Party?

We recommend up to 10 children/screens involved (including the birthday child). Although siblings can join in too if they share the screen. With too many children/screens involved, it can get very noisy and then, hard to hear your entertainer and everyone else.

How will I ‘join’ the Zoom kids party on the day?

You will receive a  meeting ID, and a password to join your Zoom party, on the day and time that you choose. You will also receive a link which you can use to join the meeting. You will need to pass these details onto the children invited too.

Do you have Free online invites?

Yes! We have free e-Invites available here (just click ‘create e-Invite’): To adapt the invite to suit a ‘ZOOM Virtual party’, we recommend this layout:

Invite ExampleWhat character can I have entertaining at my ZOOM online kids party?

We have over 180 characters for you to choose from, please see our options here:

What happens at a ZOOM online kids party?

We tailor all of our entertainment around the birthday child and what they will love, so we need your help to put together the perfect party. Some of the fun activities and games we can do include:

  • Singing and dancing to your favourite music
  • Character role play
  • Party games such as musical statues, scavenger hunt, Simon Says
  • Disco games such as a dance off, creating a dance routine, YMCA, Macarena
  • Picture Quizzes
  • Storytelling
  • Singing Happy Birthday to the birthday child
  • and so much more!

Can we still do a birthday cake at my online kids party?

Of course!! Quite often your entertainer will finish your ZOOM party by singing the Happy Birthday song. If you would like to present a cake, please let us know and keep an eye/ear out towards the end of the party and have the cake ready.

How do I book a Zoom Online Kids Party?

Simply, click the link, fill in your details and we’ll be in touch to confirm your booking: