Cowboys & Cowgirls

YEEHA Cowboys and Cowgirls! It’s time to party on down in the wild wild west!

Fancy a lasso throwing, horse riding cowboy adventure for your next kid’s party? Our Superheroes Inc Cowboy can bring a breath of the Wild West into your next birthday event. Perfect for the cowboy obsessed kid in your life.

For any kid who just can’t get enough of the Wild West, Superheroes Inc brings a real live cowboy to their birthday party. Our cowboy has lost her way to the rodeo and needs the party guest’s help to get there.

The birthday guests will love being taught how to ride a horse (imaginary of course), learn how to move silently and unseen through the desert and practice how to stand still like a cactus when the cattle are stampeding. It’s action packed, non-stop fun, with enough activity to tire out even the most energetic cowboy or girl.

For the grand finale everyone is given their own balloon lasso and prepares for the last battle, to capture the enemy Black Hand Pete, who’s making off with the cake!

Cowpals Solo



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