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Justice League

Team up and fight evil at your Justice League party!

A task team comprised of the world’s more powerful heroes, the Justice League are the stalwart protectors of Earth. Join Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg as they fight evil. These heroes will teach you how to be super at your Justice League party!

Ask Superheroes Inc. about which heroes you want at your Justice League party – we can provide them all! No matter which hero comes, they are sure to keep the party busy with super games while the adults can relax!

1 Entertainer/Character

Join Earth’s first line of defence

Looking for a fun kids party theme in Sydney? A Superheroes Inc. Justice League-themed party is perfect for both indoor and outdoor venues and can come anywhere across Sydney. Let Superheroes Inc. know about your preferences!

Fighting crime, learning to use your powers and becoming a superhero are just the beginning at your Justice League party!

It’s our priority to make sure you have the best birthday party ever. That’s why all of our entertainers are trained to make sure they give you and your children the best experience ever. Book online or call us today on 02 9326 4686 to make your next birthday party extraordinary.

Go on a bold superhero adventure

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