Top Ten Party Bag Ideas For Tweens

Top Ten Party Bag Ideas For Tweens
May 2, 2016 Sally Star
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There it is. Right there. The one extra element you needed to make your kid’s birthday into the party of the year. We know what it is, kids know what it is and now you do too – an amazing, simple, well-planned party bag. Okay, maybe they’re not as life changing as all that, but party bags are a fantastic, fun addition that can really put the icing on the cake (no pun intended!) of an awesome birthday. It can be tricky though now that your kids are heading into their pre-teen years; they’re a bit older, they’re a bit more mature (though sometimes it’s hard to tell!) and they’re not impressed by a bag full of gummy worms any more. Not to worry, we’ve got some fabulous themes that you can use to dress up your party bags and go that extra mile to give your kids the best memory possible.

1. Superheroes

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s an amazing party bag! If you’ve got a boy or girl dedicated to the latest Marvel or DC production, then they’ll love a Superhero-themed bag. Customise the bag with a certificate garnering the recipient entrance to the Avengers, or the Justice League. Who’s their favourite? Made from cardboard, the Bat logo or Superman symbol is a perfect addition.



2. Army

Have you got some budding young commandos ready for service? Let them walk away with some rank patches and a nametag: ‘Sgt. Insert Child’s Name Here’. If they’re into Nerf Guns, give them an ammo boost with some extra shells to kickstart their career in the military. Check out this package from Superheroes Inc, including their very own khaki-ed up backpack, camo helmet and binoculars

3. Sport

If, like most Australians, your kids are developing into Olympic athletes or even just enthusiasts, then a sporty party bag should do the trick. Customise it for your child’s preferred sport with some of their favourite player cards, a medal of achievement or even a trophy of victory! A certificate of performance from their favourite team is also a nice touch. They will love a water bottle with the first letter of their name on it like these from Typo.

4. Spy

If your child speaks several foreign languages, possesses extraordinary diplomatic skills, and is more of a smooth talker than they should be, then perhaps a life of high espionage is on the cards! Jazz up their party bags with some reflective sunnies, perhaps even some cheap walkie-talkies and a personalized MI6 card with a license to kill!

5. Cheerleader

Give me a B! B for Best Party Ever, that is – for a lass or lad who’s overflowing with team spirit and bursting from the seams with the need to sing and dance, then a cheerleading party bag will get their feet moving. Get them started with a set of their very own pom-poms, and kit them out with a collection of face paints and glitter to help them look the part


6. Star Wars

Whether your child is destined to bring order to the galaxy, or whether they feel the mischievous call of the dark side – either way, a Star Wars-themed bag will help them truly become one with the Force! A personalized graduation certificate from Jedi Training Academy is a must, and who could forget that most quintessential of all Jedi equipment: their very own inflatable light saber! Check out this pack from Superheroes Inc with all the essentials.

7. Harry Potter

Have strange things been happening around the house? Has your child been showing signs of unusual magical abilities? With a Harry Potter-themed party bag, you can give them what they’ve always wanted – an acceptance letter to Hogwarts from Dumbledore himself, along with their very own wand from Ollivander’s. For the food-minded, mix it up with some chocolate frog Freddos or some Bertie Botts’ Every Flavour Beans!

8. Cooking

Not everybody has superpowers or Force abilities, but this one’s for the domestic heroes out there! If your kid is a culinary aficionado, fancies themselves as Australia’s Next Masterchef, or simply entertains a deep-seated passion for licking the cookie mix from the bowl (guilty as charged – don’t we all?), then a cooking bag will get them on the road to their first Michelin star. Set them up with some all-important spices and flavours, along with a mixing spoon and some recipe cards to get the ball rolling.

9. Tween Girls

Of course, not every party has to have a theme – sometimes it’s better to go with a generic crowd pleaser. We don’t want to pigeon-hole your young lady, of course, but some of these ideas have proven pretty effective: try a colourful diary, or some Smiggle stationery, or, for those who like to dress up, some lip gloss or basic make-up! Here’s a pack from Superheroes Inc with a lockable diary and some decorative pens and paper to match!

10. Tween Boys

Not to overlook the young gentlemen, of course! Boys are usually partial to a bit of action, so furnish your party bags with some water pistols or perhaps a bouncy handball! Though it pains us to admit it, sometimes the boys are a little slower than the girls when it comes to maturity and sense of humour, so tickle their funny bones with a sneaky whoopee cushion or some fart bombs* – a timeless classic.

*We here at Superheroes Inc take no responsibility for any inclement smells that may occur to your house, belongings or household pets resulting from the use of said items – utilise at your own risk.

Well, that’s enough from us! Spare us a thought when you’re basking in the credit from throwing the sweetest birthday party of the year (the party bags were all your idea, of course!). But hey – those 10 ideas are just to get you started! There’s a world of creativity out there, just begging to be stuffed into a party bag – what can you think of?

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