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Lockdown Family Team Trivia

Don’t just keep up with the Jones’s – BEAT THEM!!


Spread the word! Gather your troops and battle your family, friends and households all over Australia in this ‘Kahoot’ style Trivia event. It’s fun for all ages; with a mix of Music, Pop Culture, Kids TV, General Knowledge and more!

Just like at the pub but from the comfort of your own couch (and the kids can play too).

  • Play against your Friends and Family – AUSTRALIA WIDE
  • A great way to stay connected with your family and friends during lockdown
  • Prizes Galore!  Every week for teams and individuals.


  1. Register your FAMILY as a TEAM
  2. Tell your friends to do the same
  3. Battle it out for TRIVIA SUPREMACY!

It’s super easy and heaps of fun.

Get to it…and get your team ready for SATURDAY NIGHT TRIVIA FUN!

Tell your friends!

What you need to know:

Time: 6.30pm-7.45 ish
Venue: Your couch!
Price/Team: $8 Single Entry, $15 Family (up to 6 people) + Booking Fee

Play while on the couch, in your trackies and uggs. Perfect for a Saturday night!

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Getting set up – FAQ’s


This sounds AMAZING! What will I need to be involved?

You will need the following:

  • Smart TV or Laptop to view the event (where our quizmaster will host)
  • Phone/Tablet/Laptop to input your answers. You’ll need one device for each participant (this is essentially your score sheet)
  • You may want to share a device with the younger kids so they have a bit of help


How do I watch this amazing event?

This event is run through YouTube. A good idea is to watch the event on the Smart TV – while each participant is on the couch with their phone/laptop, ready to play in comfort.

NOT SURE? We’ll send you the info to get it all sorted.


Can I my family or friends from a different household be part of my TEAM?

Yes! That is a great idea! Just make sure you share the event details so that they can purchase their tickets.


How do I create a team?

  • When purchasing your tickets, you will be given an option to REGISTER your TEAM NAME.
  • If your TEAM has already been registered (check with your mates to make sure they have done so), then simply choose the JOINING AN EXISTING TEAM option
  • Then, tell your friends to buy their tickets, and they can do the same


My friends/family have registered a TEAM already, can I join them?

Yes! When buying your tix, simply choose the option JOINING AN EXISTING TEAM


Can I play AGAINST my friends and family?

  • YES! Simply share the event details so that they can purchase their tickets
  • They then REGISTER their own TEAM.
  • Just make sure you BEAT THEM!
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Who can be on my team?

  • A TEAM can be anything from 1-100 players (don’t worry we average out the team scores)
  • It can be just you
  • It can be just your household
  • It can be you and your mates (playing from different locations)

I’m much smarter that other people on my TEAM. IS there some way this can be recognised?


YES, and good point you raised there you SMARTIE PANTS! We have a LEADERBOARD for both INDIVIDUALS & TEAMS, and have prizes for both categories


How do I join the team on the night?

When you sign in (15mins before the game starts), when signing into the trivia interface on your device, simply select the TEAM from the dropdown. This is done a few mins before the game starts, NOT when you buy the tickets.

I booked a ticket but forgot to put in a Team name

  • You can join us! We have our own Superheroes Inc. team each week – Simply search for SUPERHEROES INC
  • Or if your friends are playing, you can join them – just find out their team name and choose it when you sign in
  • Or just get in touch with us and we’ll add you in (we are lovely people after all)

What ages is this for?

All ages! This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY! HINT: Having some young kids on your team is very beneficial.

Do we win cool prizes?

Yes, we have more than $500 in prizes each week!

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Can I do a live chat/zoom with my mates while playing?

  • YES! We recommend setting up a call with your team on WhatsApp, Messenger or FaceTime so you can confer on answers as you go.
  • You don’t need our help to do this though, you are awesome enough!

I can’t use the internet – What can I do?

Follow these really simple instructions and you’ll be good to go! Just make sure you have enough devices for your participants!

How long is the Event?

The duration is 60-75mins. Being kid friendly, we have loads of fun games and videos, and a couple of short breaks so you can make a cuppa, or top-up the vino!

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fun!!!

Will I need my camera on?

NO! You don’t need to have any video or audio on, so you can do this in the comfort of your own home, in your trackies and uggs.

This sounds amazing, can I book you for PRIVATE or CORPORATE events?

YES! See this link for our ONLINE TRIVIA EVENTS . We can tailor the event to you and your needs, for events from 10-1500 participants


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