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Kylo Ren

Discover the force within at your Kylo Ren party

Kylo Ren was first trained as a Jedi by Luke Skywalker, however, he turned to the dark side. He aims to finish what Darth Vader, his uncle, started. A master of the force, Kylo Ren will teach you how to find the force within at your child’s Star Wars party.

At your Kylo Ren party, you’ll play games to teach you how to use lightsabres, harness the force and fight for the dark side.

Superheroes Inc will make your Kylo Ren birthday party the best. Call Superheroes Inc today to get Kylo Ren, and maybe some friends and foes too, at your next birthday party!

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Fight the Resistance with Kylo Ren

Superheroes Inc. will come to your Kylo Ren-themed party anywhere across Sydney. Ask Superheroes Inc. about bringing other characters, like Luke Skywalker or Rey, along with Kylo Ren for an even more adventurous party!

Harness powers from the dark side with Kylo Ren at your Kylo Ren party.

It’s our priority to make sure you have the best birthday party ever. That’s why all of our children party entertainers are trained to make sure they give you and your children the best experience ever. Book online or call us today on 02 9326 4686 to make your next birthday party extraordinary.


Join the dark side with Kylo Ren

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