7 Top Tips For A Stress Free Kids Party

7 Top Tips For A Stress Free Kids Party
July 3, 2019 SuperTrev
7 Top Tips For A Stress Free Kids Party Superheroes Inc Kids Party Entertainment Sydney

7 Tips For A Stress Free Kids Party

Birthday parties are such a big deal for kids – and can be a source of stress for even the most cool, calm and collected parents (if they indeed exist)! Follow these stress-free birthday party tips and you’ll be the host with the most, and be able to enjoy the party too!

Tip 1- Crunching the numbers – plan for birthday surprises

You double checked the invitations, sent them out nice and early and sent a reminder a week before. It’s still almost guaranteed that there will be no-shows and extra people on the day. Save the stress by having extra party bags on hand and a little more food that you think is needed on standby.

If your child is 6 or above, let parents know on your invitations if they can drop the kids off and go. Many parents will love you for it, and it really helps to estimate the food and space you need.

Have a little kit ready on the day for unexpected spills, snot, wee, minor ouchies and tell another adult about it – just in case!

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Tip 2 – Pacing your birthday party

If there’s too much going on at once, your birthday party can quickly descend into chaos! Have one or two things happening at any one time so that you can keep things in check and know where everyone is. Make sure nobody has to wait too long for their turn, as that can also lead to mutiny!

Tip 3 – Singin’ in the rain – birthday party fun indoors

Rain, rain, go away… the weather is such a big consideration for any kids party. There are two keys to make rain doesn’t dampen the fun.

First, work out a plan B – if your party was outdoors, can you bring it entirely indoors at the same venue? If not, work out your plan B venue and mention it on your invitations. It saves fielding a lot of calls from parents from unsure parents on the day, when you’re trying to get those last-minute things done!

Think through your planned activities – you might have to modify or change them because there might be a lot less space. A pinata might not be a good idea in a small lounge room! If you have a kids party entertainer, they’re used to this and will modify the party games and activities to suit the space.

Nick as the rugby union coach was brilliant. From the moment he arrived he rallied the kids and had their attention for the full hour. He also manged to learn most of their names. That is attention to detail!

Well done and thank you, Nick and Superheroes!!

Julie – AbbotsfordDec 2018

Tip 4 – Delegate, delegate, delegate your party tasks

Don’t go it alone – have a second in command to let you know if more chips or carrot sticks are required and to know where things are to handle any little mishaps. It’s a great role for a parent who might have come alone and doesn’t know anyone.

If older kids are coming, put them to work – they love the responsibility! They could be the DJs and handle the playlist, or help monitoring the food supplies or handing out the cake.

Tip 5 – Timing is everything – the best time to have your children’s birthday party

Children tend to be freshest in the morning, especially if they’re younger. A 10 am start, with a 2 hour run time is ideal. You then have the whole afternoon to take things easy.

Make sure all your food is on the table 5 minutes before the party starts – some guests will be early, some will be late, and for kids, lukewarm is better than piping hot.

The birthday cake is a great way to start bringing things to a close, and get everyone in the one place at the same time for some fabulous photos.

Save the party bags right for the end, and keep them right at the front door as guests leave. This lessens the disappointment about leaving, and also avoids kids comparing the contents with their little buddies.

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Tip 6 – Birthday party arts and crafts

Arts and crafts can work well at a party. It can be a great way to regroup for those kids who might feel a bit scared or anxious, who need a little time to warm up, or who need a bit of quiet time mid party. Make sure you integrate it by bringing your theme to the art and craft table, and that will make it a special space.

Organised, entertaining, flexible, reliable. Another great party done – thank you!

Ursula – GlebeSept 2018

Tip 7 – Birthday party outsourcing

You don’t have to do it all yourself – in fact, it’s pretty hard to. You can save time and sanity by getting the cake made, picking up some sushi rolls, getting pizza delivered and serving up frozen party pies (after you heat them)! The birthday boy or girl will remember the fun and feeling of being special rather than details about the food.

Speaking of fun and feeling special, you could even hire a kids party entertainer to make sure all your guests feel that way. You can focus on the food and keeping your adult guests comfortable and taking photographs to treasure and share while your entertainer will have all the party entertainment covered.

Contributor: Superheroes Inc. is a leader in kids party entertainment, with over 21,000 birthday parties worth of experience over 17 years. Whether it’s princess or fairy party, a pirate or superhero birthday bash, they can bring the magic to children’s special occasions as well as corporate events all over Sydney.