7 days to the party – what happens now?

7 days to the party – what happens now?
September 20, 2019 SuperTrev
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Image of childrens party entertainer in Sydney from Superheroes Inc

We aim to make every party great. But to do this we need your help!

You should have received an email asking  you to check & confirm all the details of your event.

Please make sure you fill in the info as much as possible so that we have everything we need. Based on your answers, we may need to follow up with you/ amend the booking

Between 24-48hrs before the event, you will receive a follow up with all the final information. If there are any problems/ changes, please let us know asap!

Who can I call on the day for last minute changes?

You can reach us on in the Office on 02-9326-4686. If the office is unattended, the phone will divert to our mobiles automatically.

Image of children at kids party in Sydney

When will my entertainer call me?

On the day of your event, you will receive a call from your entertainer no less than 60mins before our start time (unless you start before 11am – we don’t want to bother you too early!).

You will then receive another call from your entertainer approx 5-10mins before the start time in order to organise the entrance and go through the basic structure.

Please make sure you have your phone handy as it can cause problems for everybody if we cannot reach you. Superheroes Inc will take no responsibility for changes to the timings/structure of your event if this cannot be facilitated.

Starting the party

The start to the show is very important. To help co-ordinate this, please make sure that someone is available to meet the entertainer outside, away from the children, so that we can go through the specifics to your party. We will need a couple minutes to chat, so if you can’t spare that time, please send out someone else who can help us start the party properly. Every venue is different, so we ask your help in making sure we can start the party with a bang!

We try to make a dramatic entrance but we need your help!

To do this we recommend our Party Starter Kit.

It will help get the party started quickly so that we can get down the business of providing a great show!

Make sure you ask your entertainer for your kit!

The party format

Every performance we do is in a different space, with a different audience and different conditions. Because of this, on the day we may need to follow a party structure that differs from our ‘Plan A’. To help us provide you with the best possible party, we ask your assistance in making yourself available during the show to talk to us about any changes as necessary. This way we can ensure the show is in line with your expectations given the conditions on the day.

Communication during your party:

While we have many powers and skills, we are still working on our Mind Reading.

We need your help to ensure that we can give the best performance at your event. Want more balloons and less music? Tell us! More running games and less face paints? We need to know!

We only have one shot at giving you the best show possible, and we’ll be checking in with you during the show, so please take the opportunity to let us know if you require changes in the direction of the event. The time we spend at your party is important, and unfortunately we don’t have the power of Time Travel either, so please help us to make your party great!


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