5 Things You Need For Kids Party Success

5 Things You Need For Kids Party Success
July 17, 2019 SuperTrev

Having a kids birthday party in Sydney?

Sydneysiders are blessed with a Sydney where there are so many suitable party places if you’re short on room at home.  Sydney also boasts some of the best food around for busy working parents planning a kids birthday party, with no time to cook.

Having a party in a major city like Sydney also presents some challenges to navigate to keep your birthday party planning and the party itself fun for everyone and stress-free for you!

Let’s  take a look at those, and easy ways to tackle them…

1 – Kids parties in Sydney: The challenges

Traffic and parking

Saturday morning traffic in Sydney – it’s pretty hideous, there’s no getting around it.  Factor it in if you’re having to transport party stuff and people to and from the party venue before the party.  Offer your party guests any hot tips you have for parking – they’ll love you for it!

Keeping cool, keeping dry

Never take it for granted that you’ll have great weather for your party Sydney weather (see the BOM’s guide to Sydney weather)is notoriously changeable. Whether your birthday in Sydney is at home, at a park or venue, have a wet weather plan just in case. If needed you can switch to your Plan B.

If you can wangle it, finding a party place with a rotunda or other shelter nearby is ideal for your pre-party peace of mind!

To keep your drinks cool, get a friend to bring some ice right before the party starts, to keep those drinks cool  – you don’t need an Esky, one of those rubbery toy buckets will work a treat!

Flies are an annoying fact of Sydney life.  Some tips to make sure only the time is flying at your Sydney birthday party are;

  • before the party, use mesh food covers to keep your food fly-free, and keep anything you can serve in a container in that container, lid on, until the last minute.
  • flies hate the smell of lemon, so during the party, pop some cut lemon around the food to make sure only the time flies at your Sydney birthday party!

Sticking to a budget

With the cost of Sydney living rising (unlike salaries!) most of us need to watch our spending. Know your plan, know your invite list and stick to it. Some money-saving tips from party experts include;

Demand for party places/venues

The demand for places to hold a kids party is huge, with so many people wanting to have a big party, but not the space to match. One way to get around this is to choose a venue that you can book.  Your local council is an excellent starting point to find the parks and venues nearby that are just right for a children’s birthday party in Sydney.

If you decide to hold your kids party in a non-bookable park, make sure you get there early to stake your claim.  You’ll need to have one person stay there until the party starts!  Have some sort of identifiable marker for your party to let guests, caterers and party entertainers know what to look out for – just in case you need to move to a slightly different position, because someone got there before you!

Camperdown Park Party Ideas venues and services for children’s birthday parties in Sydney’s Inner West

Busy, busy, busy

 We’re all so busy these days, it’s hard to find the time to keep the fridge stocked, let alone plan for a memorable kid’s birthday party!  Outsource whatever your budget allows.   The cake and other party food are easy wins. Have you had a terrified chuckle over the cake flops on Nailed It?  The cake is no laughing matter for the rookie baker, so rest assured there will be no judgment if you leave it to the professionals!

Your guests are probably just as busy too. Keep your party short  – 2-3hrs is usually long enough for younger children and gives you time for a well-deserved rest!

Good communication before the day
Experienced entertainer adapted to appropriate age group
Life of the party and created a wonderful atmosphere
Non stop engagement for the children and entertainment for the parents too!
Reliable and well mannered

Janina – Clovelly –  September 2018

2 – Hiring kids party entertainment

Hiring your kids party entertainment takes the potential stress out of your birthday party. It also gives you the time to keep an eye on the food, have a chat to your guests and to take some photos that capture precious party memories.

If you hire a professional kids party entertainer, you know that they can handle any tricky party situations and are experienced in engaging and entertaining a group of children.

They’re experts in the character/s they play, and will convince the birthday girl or boy that their favourite character has come all the way from Gotham City, ‘Under The Sea’ or even Arendelle to be at their birthday party in Sydney.  That’s pretty special!

Happy children and Superheroes at a Superhero themed birthday party

3 – Kids party entertainment in Sydney – how to choose?

There are so many kids entertainers in Sydney to choose from, from face painters to balloon twisters, to hula hoop artists. Then there’s pamper parties and war games  – and the list goes on..

How can you find the best Sydney kids party entertainer for your birthday party?

Here are a few questions worth asking – the answers should help you make your decision;

  • How many years have you been entertaining at kids parties?
  • How do you work with girls and boys, or a wide range of ages at a kids party?
  • Have you got any photos of your costumes?
  • Can I check out your reviews and/or testimonials online?
  • Can you make any recommendations to suit the theme of my party?

What kind of communication can I expect from now until the end of the party?

4 – What type of kids party entertainer is right for your child?

We don’t put anyone in a box (unless they’re the assistant at a magician birthday party), but we do see certain themes that appeal more to girls than boys and vice versa.  A disco birthday party is a hugely popular choice for lots of girls in Sydney, and is a great way to keep all your party guests active. Classic choices for the younger birthday girls are princess parties and, of course, fairy parties. They are transfixed by the enchanting stories, glitter and fun party games!

Boys never tire of a Superhero birthday party, and are huge fans of channeling the Force with a Star Wars party, too. NRL and AFL sports parties are also guaranteed to be a big hit!

When it comes to unisex birthday party themes you can’t go wrong with a Pirate party entertainer at a circus party, or the surprises and laughs that a magician party entertainer brings.  For birthday parties for over 7s a sure-fire hit is a NERF War game or battle party, complete with NERF guns!

Image of kids enjoying kids party entertainment at a birthday party in sydney

Every aspect of the professional service I received from prior to the party, on the party day and post party was perfect and what I was looking for.
The actual party was an amazing success due to the amazing entertainment and organisational skills shown by Andre. The birthday boy and his friends had a ball!! Thank you.

Brigid – Matraville – October 2018

5 – Party people, party places – every combination is unique

Each party is as unique as the birthday guest of honour. Give your party entertainer all the relevant information you have the birthday girl or boy, the kids and other guests attending your party, the party venue and your own party ideas.  They’ll help you to tailor the party entertainment so it’s a perfect match!

When you work with your party entertainer, and give them all the information they need, you’ll be rewarded with a stress free party and birthday memories your child will treasure forever!

Image of Supergirl kids party entertainer in Sydney from Superheroes Inc
Kids Party entertainment Sydney Superheroes Inc

Great characters with experience managing excited kids and endless ideas for more fun. We’ve had several parties now featuring Superheroes Inc guests and they’ve all been a huge hit.

Amber – Nth ManlySept 2018

Contributor: Superheroes Inc. is a leader in kids party entertainment, with over 21,000 birthday parties worth of experience over 17 years.  Whether it’s princess or fairy party, a pirate or superhero birthday bash, they can bring the magic to children’s special occasions as well as corporate events all over Sydney.