Social Distancing Birthday Party Packages Sydney

Kids Parties & Restrictions – What do the numbers mean?

As we ease out of LOCKDOWN, there a few things to note about how you can plan your party.


OUTDOOR Parties – You can have a group of up to 50 people! That’s more than enough for a great event!

If you are hosting your event at HOME –  is that the numbers don’t apply for kids under 12 –  so you can invite the whole class (if you want to, that is…)!

NOTE: You will need to ensure that you don’t exceed the numbers for adults, and will also need to ensure that they are vaccinated.

Restrictions From Oct 18th (80% Vax)

The following freedoms will apply to fully vaccinated adults (16+).


  • Up to 20 visitors allowed in your home at any one time (visitor limits don’t apply for children under the age of 12).
    NOTE: Visitor limits DO NOT apply for children under the age of 12


  • Small outdoor gatherings and recreation permitted with up to 50 people (2-person limit for people who are not fully vaccinated).

See the full blog from NSW Health here – 80%


The health and safety of our customers, their children and guests and our entertainers is our priority, so we’ve introduced games that allows us to still practice social distancing but in a FUN way!!

We sanitise and launder all costumes and equipment after EACH party. Our entertainers are all fully vaccinated and have also received further training in health and safety procedures that follow all current guidelines, giving you the peace of mind that your party will be in safe hands.

We tailor the entertainment to meet your needs!

Like always, we understand how important it is to work with our customers to create a party format you will love and now it is more important than ever to do this. Rest assured that we are here every step of the way to bring you a stress-free party. Not comfortable doing one activity, we’ll substitute with another SUPER, FUN game.

Just like old times, we have:

  • your choice of 180+ Superheroes and themed characters
  • a range of fun, themed games to choose from that all practice social distancing
  • tailored entertainment to meet your needs
  • temporary tattoos and balloon art (if you want them)
  • take home party bags as a cool keepsake
  • party invitations!

Face-to-Face Parties

ZOOM Online Parties

Online ZOOM Parties

Still want to host the planned party with all your friends but just with a twist? Give us a call and we’ll organise a ‘Virtual ZOOM Party’ with your favourite character! We’ll make the birthday child feel extra special!

Face to Face: Party Packages

With a mixture of games, music, stories and more, we’ll provide the top quality entertainment that you expect from Superheroes Inc, but all with a social distancing twist!

Image of children at kids party in Sydney

Superhero Parties

Cooking up make-believe situations where a bunch of eager Superheroes are needed is part of the fun with any superhero theme birthday party.

Frozen Parties

Elsa will glide into your Frozen birthday party in an entrance fit for an ice queen. She’ll break the ice with some beautiful singing, getting all your partygoers involved. Then clear the decks for lots of games and the coolest dance moves straight from Arendelle! 

Laser Tag/ NERF Parties

Do you have a little soldier in the family? Do they have a camouflage outfit on, complete with war paint, and is ready to go to battle? If so, it sounds like an Army Laser Tag/NERF War party is for them.

Pricing for FACE-TO-FACE Events

Harry Potter

With a wave of his wand and a swish of his cape, Harry Potter is sure to have your Harry Potter birthday party guests utterly spellbound from the get-go!

Spy Themed Parties

Perfect for James Bond, Mission Impossible or even a Spy Kids birthday party, your guests will learn sneaky spy moves, learn how to camouflage themselves and stay motionless for hours (well…seconds) just like EJ12 or Zac Powers.

Star Wars Themed Parties

At your Jedi Party, you will play host to the legendary battle between good and evil. The light and dark sides of the force will battle during your Jedi Birthday Party, and you must choose sides!

Fairy Themed Parties

Where do dreams come true? In Fairyland of course. Our Fairy themed birthday parties bring a new world of enchantment to your child’s special day!

Pirate Themed Parties

It’s fun on the high seas with a kids’ pirate themed party. With their smart and quick thinking, combined with a treasure map, the kids will hunt for treasure.

Princess Themed Parties

Your princess loving birthday child will be the real princess (or prince!) of the day, as one (or more if you like) of our lovely Princesses glides royally into your next birthday party ready to enchant your excited party guests.