Introducing Superheroes Inc: Our Brand and Our People

Introducing Superheroes Inc: Our Brand and Our People
June 26, 2019 SuperTrev
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Life is busier than it’s ever been, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

You’ve got the work-life-kids juggle precariously balanced and then another year rolls around and it’s birthday time again. You can’t believe how old they’ve grown; it seems like only yesterday you were welcoming them into the world. You want to make this birthday one they’ll never forget. But, how? When will you find the time? What sort of party should you have? You just wish it wasn’t all so stressful…

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get advice from an event planner, an entertainment manager, a cake decorator, a costume maker – and a superhero – to plan your child’s special day? What if these experts were parents just like you, who understand the daily juggle all too well? What if these experts could help you every step of the way to create a party that’s unique, fun, and a just little bit magical? Well, let me introduce you to our solution: Superheroes Inc.

Who We Are

Established in 2002, the team at Superheroes Inc have over 17 years’ experience to offer, with this expertise going into every single party we plan. While we predominantly provide entertainment for kid’s parties, we also provide entertainment for corporate, charity, and other large-scale events, as well as regular entertainment at a number of venues. We are Sydney based, so we know the local parks, halls, and party venues, plus offer extensive knowledge about all-things-party in Sydney.

We Are Parents Too!

We also understand that parents want to enjoy the party, too. And nothing stifles enjoyment like stress! We’re here to make your day easy. We are party experts who can offer advice about venues, catering, timing, party suppliers… you name it! Superheroes Inc is so much more than just a great show. We communicate regularly with you in the lead up to your event, so that we can answer your questions and stop any concerns in their tracks.

In short, we are recognised as Sydney’s best event entertainers because of how much we care, and that’s why we have such great testimonials.

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Andre – Director of Fun

Leading the team is Andre, who (unlike the average director!) is the Director of Fun, and also your occasional entertainer. Having grown up in Adelaide as the youngest of four boys, Andre now finds himself living in Maroubra, married to ‘the girl next door’, and raising three children of his own. He founded Superheroes Inc in 2002, armed with no acting skills whatsoever, but with a passion for superheroes and comic books. He also possesses a well-honed talent for playing the fool and being a kid. A complete absence of shame has also helped along the way – Andre has been known to do the shopping in full costume! Aside from all the fun and frivolity of business, Andre also loves AFL, is a keen runner (he’s been involved with the Running for Premature Babies charity for eight years), and is a dedicated chocoholic who would happily sell his soul for a bag of Haigh’s choc-coated almonds.

Katie – Frontline of Fun

Katie works on the Frontlines of Fun at our office in Moore Park.

Katie was born in England and came to Australia at the age of 18 for a working holiday, but, after falling in love with the place, never left. Thirteen years later, Katie has become a fixture in the Inner West and is raising two small children of her own. Katie has a background in event management and has worked as a wedding and events coordinator at Q Station and Royal Automobile Club. She also has 11 years of cake decorating experience, particularly enjoying creating 3D cakes and cake toppers. Some of her delicious designs include an electric guitar, Thomas the Tank Engine, and (the oh-so-popular) Minions. She’s a closet Wonder Woman fan and can’t say no to a bit of wine and cheese.

Rebecca – Frontline of Fun

Like Katie, Rebecca works in the Superheroes Inc headquarters. She’s a Bondi local, is known for being in the first generation of babies born through IVF, as well as for making an appearance on Bondi Rescue! Rebecca is married to a lovely Brazilian and they have two young children together. Her background’s in the media entertainment industry and she has managed many well-known comedians. Rebecca loves swimming and samba, and secretly wants to try on all the Princess costumes and dance around the office.

Ann – Costumer Relations

Making sure everyone looks amazing, Ann, Head of Costumer Relations, is our costume guru. Ann was born in Ireland and is one of seven siblings. She’s a skilled cook, an excellent swimmer, and she loves a bit of craic! Ann went to work in a design studio in her early twenties and this, combined with a teenage passion for costumes and mascots, set her on her current path. Since moving to Australia with her husband over twenty years ago, Ann has worked extensively in the costume and wardrobe industry, with credits including: caring for the Simpsons family – her favourite being the extremely cute Maggie, props for the film Moulin Rouge, running the wardrobe for Nickelodeon, and the Wiggles costumes. In fact, Ann sewed the Henry the Octopus costume! She has also made several NRL mascots for the Rabbitohs, All Blacks, and the Storm. Here at Superheroes Inc, Ann is responsible for ensuring that all the costumes go out in pristine condition and also adds her own creations to the ever-expanding wardrobe. Want an Ann-made costume at your party? Choose PJ masks, Lego Robin, or Captain Marvel!

Got A Question? We Are Here To Help!

Easily book online or over the phone, or use the Superheroes Inc website to browse our characters, costumes, and testimonials. There is also a database of helpful party tips and hints through our FAQ’s and expert blog guides, which we’re adding to weekly. Let’s get this party started!