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COVID 19 Update

COVID 19 Update
March 16, 2020 SuperTrev
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COVID 19 Update

We at Superheroes Inc. are running our events in accordance with directives from the Health Authorities. According to these agencies, it is still safe to have small gatherings of less than 500 people. We will be running our events according to these guidelines, so please feel free to check in again for any changes.

We will be adopting safe hygiene practices in line with government directives and so will be encouraging all children do the same.

Your party is not a Public Event

It is worth noting from a safety point of view:-

  • Our average size parties are 20 children or less
  • More often than not, you guests are school/daycare friends who are spending time together anyway
  • The majority of our parties are being held outside or in large open spaces.
  • None of our entertainers are in physical contact with either hosts or customers.
  • We are currently not doing handshaking or high 5’s
  • The majority of our games are non-contact games
  • Any specific requests that you have can be managed
  • Face painting can be substituted for temporary tattoos

How to make your party safer

  • Is a ‘Drop off’ suitable for your event?
  • Cupcakes instead of one large cake (or dummy cake for blowing out candles and a kitchen cake to serve)
  • We recommend temp tattoos instead of face paints though please feel free to discuss this with us
  • Minimal physical contact between kids. Your entertainer can even teach the kids correct hand-washing techniques as part of the show

Postponing/ Cancellations

If you do need to postpone your party, we are happy to move the party to a different date for you (subject to availability).

We require 48 hours notice to postpone your event without incurring any fees.

A 50% surcharge will apply for bookings postponed within 48hrs of our booked start time.

If you are postponing more than 48hrs before your booked start time, your deposit (non-refundable) will be held and carried over to that event provided it is within 12mths of the original booking date.

For more information, please visit:
Australian Government Department of Health –
World Health Organization
NSW Health –