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Get Thor to rock your party!

Thor will make a thunderous entry to your party, with his cape (and hair) flowing and his armour flashing.  At your Thor birthday party your little heroes will learn some super stuff like superhero drills and balloon sword fighting. He’ll share some of his weather control secrets and show his students how he wields his famous war hammer to fight the baddies. God of Thunder Thor will make your birthday a cracking good time!

Ask Superheroes Inc. about bringing some of the other Avengers, like Black Widow, Spiderman, Iron Man, Black Panther, or Captain America, along with Thor to make it an Avengers party!

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Having a Thor party? A parent’s guide to your hero

Thor, or the Norse God of Thunder, like all Asgardians, has lived a very long life through intermittent munching of the enchanted Golden Apples of Idunn. He has incredible strength, high resistance to injury, heightened senses and the ability to travel through time.  Thor can summon the elements of the storm to fight evil, plus he’s packing some wicked weapons, including Mjolnir, a magical war hammer made from a dying star.

If you have no thoughts about Thor, don’t worry.  When you book a Thor party entertainer with us, you can rest assured they know the character inside out, so you don’t have to!

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Why book your Thor party entertainer with Superheroes Inc?


Superheroes Inc. has been around since 2002. Since then, our birthday party entertainers have performed at more than 20,000 parties and made more than 830,000 partygoers smile! This is how we’ve done it.

When you book your Thor party with Superheroes Inc., you know that your birthday party entertainer will;

  • Be on time
  • Look the part
  • Make the birthday girl or boy feel special
  • Make you feel at ease!

Our birthday party entertainment is always age appropriate and we’ll tailor it to your needs. We’re committed to creating memorable birthday party memories for your family and friends, with the perfect blend of fun and professionalism.

We love what we do and that shines through!

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Thor Party Ideas and Invitations

If you’re looking for something different, we also have loads of Thor/ Superhero themed party ideas to help create a specially tailored event just for you! Please feel free to call us to discuss how we can make your party extra special.

We also have a few Thor/ Superhero themed party invites that are free to download and use for your party!

Looking for other fun boys party themes? Check out our other superhero characters here.

Take the action to another level with a Combat Crew party pack!

For the ultimate superhero party experience, add the Combat Crew pack to your party! In this expanded party format, we’ll be practising your Thor-worthy skills, then move onto weapons training, followed by action-packed NERF Gun battles.

Up to 24 people can play – including parents!  We’ll bring everything we need, including NERF Guns, all safety equipment, targets, barricades and more!

If your little GENRE is 7+ then Combat Crew is for you! Check out our Combat Crew guide for all the details.


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Ready to get your Thor birthday party party started? Book now. You can also email or call if you’d like to have a chat to us about how we can make your party extra special.

Or check out our FAQs, where we answer all your questions!

We look forward to making your next party fun, easy, and most importantly, memorable!

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