Count Dooku

Turn to the dark side with Count Dooku

Initially a respected Jedi Master, Count Dooku has fallen to the dark side of the Force after the death of Qui-Gon Jinn, his former Padawan. He became Darth Sidious’ second apprentice under than name Darth Tyranus. While trained by Yoda as a Pawadan learner, Count Dooku become instrumental in the start of the Clone Wars. Count Dooku will use all of this experience to take you over to the dark side at your Count Dooku party.

Join Count Dooku on the dark side and learn to harness the force. At your Count Dooku party, you’ll train with lightsabers, use the force and fight for the dark side.

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Harness the force within at your Count Dooku party

Our characters will come to your Count Dooku-themed party anywhere across Sydney. Ask Superheroes Inc. about bringing some friends and foes from Star Wars, like Yoda or Darth Sidious, along to your Count Dooku-themed party.

Train to fight in the Clone Wars

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