Skylanders Portal Master

Protect the Core of Light at your Skylanders party

Legendary heroes and champions, the Skylanders are tasked with protecting the magical Core of Light. The Core of Light is the repellent of The Darkness, the source of all evil, in the Skylands. Live the Skylanders story at your Skylanders party!

With help from Commander Anarchy, a powerful Portal Master, you can defeat Kaos at your Skylanders party! Commander Anarchy will run magical games and activities at your Skylanders party to keep the kids spellbound.

The Portal Master will also teach everyone how to use their teleportation and time travel abilities to keep Earth safe. By uniting Skylanders from all 10 elements, your Skylander Portal Master party will be the best in the galaxy!

1 Entertainer/Character

Join forces and defeat Kaos

The Skylanders and Portal Masters have defended their world for generations. Ask Superheroes Inc. about bringing some other Skylanders along with a Portal Master for an even more magical birthday party!

For the best kids party entertainment in Sydney give us a call. Your Superheroes Inc party will take everyone on a magical adventure they’ll never forget!

It’s our priority to make sure you have the best birthday party ever. That’s why all of our entertainers are trained to make sure they give you and your children the best experience ever. Book online or call us today on 02 9326 4686 to make your next birthday party extraordinary.

Bring peace to the Skylands

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