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Become a Spinjistu Master at Sydney’s best Ninjago party!

Join the brave Ninjago on their quest to defend what is right! Kai, Cole, Zane, Jay, Lloyd are here to show you how to spin, jump & kick away the bad. If you have been searching for perfect Ninjago party ideas, then the Ninjas of fire, earth, lightning, ice and earth will show you the way.

There are five Ninjago to choose from: Kai, the fiery red ninja, Jay, electric blue ninja of lightning, Lloyd, the most powerful green ninja, Zane, the cool white ninja of ice or Cole, the fun black ninja of earth. Each Ninjago will use their spinjitsu skills to bring a high energy, fun-filled party for your child and their friends.

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Kai – Red Ninjago

Kai is the name of the Red Ninja, the Ninja of Fire! He is ready to blaze into your next Kids Birthday Party and ‘set things on fire’ with fun and excitement! Kai will train the party with a  series of super-fun Ninja Party Games, teaching them the skills of ninja stealth, ninja rescue, and maybe even ninja mind-control tricks.

Lloyd – Green Ninjajo

Lloyd Garmadon is the Green Ninja, the Ninja of Creation! At first the identity of the green ninja was shrouded in mystery, but it was soon discovered that he was the son of the wicked Lord Garmadon. But don’t worry, unlike his wayward father, Lloyd fights for what is right!

Jay -Blue Ninjago

Jay is the name of the Blue Ninja, the Ninja of Lightning! Jay was born and raised in a junk-yard, but now he spends his days in much cooler surroundings. He was trained by Sensei Wu in the ancient arts of Spinjitsu and now he is fully qualified to share his knowledge and experience with a new generation of aspiring young ninjas.

Zane – White Ninjago

Zane is the name of the White Ninja, the Ninja of Ice! Growing up, Zane had always wondered why he seemed so different from all other kids. When he was older he discovered that it was because he was a robot! As a robot he possesses super-human intelligence, lightning-fast reflexes, and a unique ability to provide awesome kids party entertainment.

Cole – Black Ninjago

Cole is the name of the Black Ninja, the Ninja of Earth! He was trained in the practices of Spinjitsu by the ancient master Sensei Wu. He is now the fearless leader of the Ninjago Ninjas. He is ready to use his skills of leadership to train a new generation of Ninjas!

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