Dorothy – The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy Wizard of Oz Princess themed party entertainment

Sweep your child away to a magical land with Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ!

A whirling tornado has blown Dorothy and her little dog Toto all the way from Kansas straight to your doorstep ready to make your party fantastic. She’s a friendly little country girl with a heart of gold. Brought up on a farm, she’s learned to make her own fun using just her imagination. She’s just like every little girl, full of sweetness and wonder, but she’s anything other than ordinary. Her vibrant and creative imagination will have your daughter and her friends reliving Dorothy’s fantastic adventures to the merry old Land of Oz.

She’s full of stories of her adventures. Like the time when she helped the silly old scarecrow find a brain, oiled the tinman’s creaky joints, and ventured to the jungle to visit the loveable cowardly lion. She has even helped out OZ the Great and Powerful. But watch out for the green skinned Wicked Witch of the East with the wort on her nose! The witch and her monkey minions would like to steal Dorothy’s precious ruby slippers!

Everyone will be giggling with glee as Dorothy takes them on a fantastic journey that they’ll never forget. Invite Dorothy to your next party. There will be no place like your home when Dorothy comes to visit.

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