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A whole new world at your Aladdin party!

A diamond in the rough, Aladdin was once a street rat living in poverty. With the help of the Genie and Jasmine he became the Prince of Agrabah! Have an Aladdin birthday party to learn swordsmanship, animal communication, speed and agility from the Prince of Thieves.

Help Aladdin stop Jafar and Iago from destroying the kingdom. With your help, at your Aladdin birthday party, you can save Princess Jasmine and Agrabah.

1 Entertainer/Character

Party with Prince Ali Ababwa

Your Aladdin party will be even more magical than a magic carpet ride in the sky! Bring along other characters, like Jasmine, the Genie or Jafar to your Aladdin party for extra enchantment.

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Go on a magical adventure with Aladdin

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