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Superheroes Inc – Scholarship

SuperTrevThe Events, Parties & Celebrations Scholarship from Superheroes Inc is dedicated to students who are studying event management, event planning or any other faculty/subject that revolves around events, functions and entertainment to reward their dedication to spreading happiness – a goal which Superheroes Inc can get behind – as one of the leading Superhero Party and Entertainment companies in Australia!
The recipient(s) will receive a cash amount of AUD $1000 to ease the financial pressure of their studies, and as a show of support for those who use their valuable time to make others happy!
Superheroes Inc wants to create an online guide featuring a range of party & event ideas! We want to cover as many different avenues as we can – ideas for university student gatherings, professional & corporate events, wacky party ideas, great children’s party themes, any type of celebration or event at all! If you can come up with a great party or event idea, we’d like to hear about it!
For entry, you must be studying at an approved institution within Australia and be able to prove your enrolment with a recent transcript showcasing the most recent session of study completed.
To enter, you must send your party or event plan to It should take into account the following:


-Cost effectiveness – We want these ideas to be used! Sure, your party idea where everyone arrives on their own private jet might sound great, but it’s more rewarding to see your carefully thought out plan actually be put into play, and the easier that is to do financially, the more likely it is to happen!

-Creativity & Originality – Don’t submit ideas that are already in the mainstream like Frozen parties, Minion parties etc! Give us something unique, new and exciting!

-Simplicity & Scalability – The problem with some party & event ideas is that they get old after about 5 minutes – especially the ones that involve crazy, bulky costumes or rely on tightly coordinating a lot of people at once. Like we said before, we want these ideas to be used! Create something that’s gonna be amazing fun, but doesn’t require a rocket scientist to pull it off properly!

-Presentation quality of your party/event plan


As stated, all of the entries will be on our site in the form of categorised party & event ideas. If you wish, you will be cited on those pages, so don’t forget to include your name, place of residence & university so we can cite you properly. Upon entering, your submission can be anonymous, but we would like to include a photo of you and as much information as possible, and so if you want to let us know about your blog, instagram, twitter, or any other details, we can add those too!
Entries must be in before June 30th 2016.
Be as creative as possible – we’re looking for something awesome to share with our audience!
Good luck with your plans, we’re sure that they will bring much happiness to the people who are inspired to pull them off!

Thank you,


The team at Superheroes Inc