Party tips for hosting a great kid’s party: hosting in a park

As Sydney’s premier children’s entertainers we at Superheroes Inc have seen thousands of kid’s birthday parties. We know what works and what fails at a kid’s birthday party. We’d love to share with you what we’ve learnt from all these parties. The handy hint of the hour is concerned with hosting in a park.


There are many benefits about adopting this party tip and hosting your kid’s next birthday party in a park.
  • Reduces stress of having a barrage of energetic kids rampaging through your house.
  • Generally less preparation required for setting and cleaning up.
  • The right park can be a beautiful setting for your child’s party and add to a truly memorable day.


There are a few negatives about adopting this party tip and hosting your kid’s next birthday party in a park.
  • Wet weather is always a problem and a risk.
  • More supervision is generally required at parks and could make parents feel slightly on edge.
  • Inevitably the party will not be as tightly controlled as it would in your own home.

How we’ve seen it played out

Enjoying the adventure of a park

A kid’s party we went to recently as children entertainers at Sydney Cove Park is a great example of a park being used as a great venue. This party was great, the park was wonderful and although it was a sunny day, the parents had a back-up plan in case the weather turned sour. The park worked well, with a convenient gated playground for the kids to play and train with Superman while the adults could look on from the pergola.   What do you think of the idea of hosting a kid’s party in a park? Agree or disagree? Let us know below. Also, if you have any more great kid’s birthday party tips or ideas we’d love to hear them! Contact Superheroes If you’d like to learn more about Superheroes or book us for your next event or birthday party contact us on (02) 9326 4686 or 0412 477 733 or contact us.