Superheroes Inc. will make your next children’s birthday party extra special and memorable. And just as importantly we make it so easy and enjoyable for parents. We literally will save the day!

Superheroes Inc. offers a wide variety of kids’ favourite characters, from classic Superheroes toPrincessesCowboysFairiesClownsPirates and so many more.

Our engaging, laugh-out-loud performances will inject colour, life and humour into your children’s party. Let us know what your child is into and we’ll recommend the perfect character to keep the kids entertained and totally mesmerised. Our list is extensive and the quality of our costumes is the best in Sydney!  We know how to maintain kids’ enthusiasm and keep their attention. Using interactive games we’ll take the children through activities such as superhero training where they’ll learn how to shoot webs, fight bad guys or even use The Force! We can liven up your event with everything from face painting to balloon animals, juggling and song and dance routines. As well as private parties we perform at functions large and small throughout Sydney, including concerts, fetes and fairs, stage shows, corporate events and Christmas parties – anywhere that kids need entertaining and parents need rescuing!

Our format is both age appropriate and tailored to your specific needs. Our team is friendly, professional and reliable and we guarantee you’ll find us a pleasure to deal with. What’s more, we’re great value for money and go above and beyond the call of duty to make your event a hit and ensure the kids are raving about it. With Superheroes Inc. it’s big fun for little people.

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So what will our characters do at your party?

All of our shows are tailored to your specific needs. Call us now on 02 93264686  and see how we can help make your next event a complete success!  


Superhero We teach the children to be just like their favourite superhero. We’ll take the kids through superheroes training where they’ll learn how to shoot webs, rescue people, master superhero moves, fight baddies or even use The Force! Our final battle is one of our trademarks, where they’ll end up saving the day just like their hero!


Pirate It’s fun on the high seas with our classic pirate characters. The kids will hunt for treasure, learn how to talk like a real pirate, dance the pirate jig and walk the plank. We’ll paint their faces and even fight crocodiles just like Captain Hook did. The finale is a battle with the evil pirates who have stolen our treasure!


Cowboy Yee-har! Saddle up your little cowboys and cowgirls for a wild west adventure with one of our authentic cowboy characters. Your kids will play cowboy party games and activities and party into the sunset.


Ninja Ninja vanish! Have a little one who likes to sneak around? Send a professional ninja to train them in the ancient arts of Ninjitsu. Whatever colour you choose, you can be sure it will be the best fun you may never see!


Fairy Enter a make believe world where we take the children on a magical fairy adventure. The kids will learn the hidden secrets of Fairyland, grant wishes and perform magic with fairy wands where they’ll save the day. We’ll do fairy face painting and use magic pixie dust.


Princesses Children will be transformed into the belle of the ball, taken into a secret castle and taught the finer points of becoming a beautiful princess! They’ll learn how to dance at the ball, play secret royal games and act like royalty.

Sports Characters

Sports Ideal for older children (aged 6-12), we incorporate the best of both the sports and party worlds. We’ll do a combination of party activities that the children know and love as well as games and drills from the sport of your choice. Choose from rugby, AFL, league, soccer and cricket. This can work very well for children who have outgrown the standard characters or for those who are sports mad!


Dance/Rockstars Do your kids love High School Musical, So You Think You Can Dance or Hannah Montana? Then this is for you! Using plenty of music-based games, we put together an age-appropriate singing and dancing routine that will be performed at the end of the show. With a full-on sound experience, this is one action-packed show for music lovers!

Specialty Characters

Specialty Not every character fits neatly into a box. We offer an extensive array of characters from all of your kids’ favourite cartoons, movies, folklore and eras. We are always adding new and exciting characters and we’ll do our very best to accommodate your needs. Just call us to find out how we can help.