Top tips for an easy and successful kid’s birthday party

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Party tip #2   The birthday party is for the birthday child

Birthday parties require a lot of time and energy but don’t become so absorbed in throwing the grandest party that you make it your own. Make sure you run everything by your child – after all, they know what their friends like.

Party tip #3   Get organised early

Both children and parents have such hectic social calendars these days that it pays to send out invitations and book the entertainment early. Be sure to do your research and find out what other events are on which might clash with your dates, just to be on the safe side.

Party tip #4   Invitation etiquette

A common courtesy to uphold is that unless you invite the whole class, then don’t take invites to school and risk offending those not invited. Preferably post out the invitations – this will also help to ensure that parents see them and help you chase up RSVPs later. We have free downloadable invitations on our website. Click here for me info!

Party tip #5   Choosing a venue

Parties don’t have to be at home! If you’re wondering how you’re going to fit all those kids in your house or are worried about the chaos, there are plenty of other options and they’re generally pretty affordable. Scout halls, community centres and parks are good cheap options and places such as bowling alleys often have great party packages.

Party tip #6   Plan B

If you are planning an outdoor kids party always have a back-up plan like a rainy day alternative location and activities.

Party tip #7   Enlist the help of a hero or two

You don’t need to be a superhero and do everything yourself! Enlist the help of our superheroes or other characters and you’ll make the party easy and stress-free for you and so entertaining for the kids. You’ll find you’ve got so much more time to actually enjoy the party yourself. A great entertainer is money well spent, your kids will love it and so will the other parents! And when you’ve got a lot of children, why not book two – a classic superhero and their sidekick perhaps. Or if there’s a large mix of boys and girls book a male and a female entertainer to enhance the participation of all guests.

Utilise the element of surprise. Entertainers work off the energy levels of the kids around them and nothing gets a kid’s heart racing more than a surprise. Try to keep the exact details a mystery for your child. Perhaps tell them they will have a special visitor but not tell them exactly who. This keeps everyone on their toes until the moment the entertainer arrives with typical fanfare.

Party tip #8   Don’t overdo it 

Don’t overdo the length or size of the party. Around 2-3 hours is usually enough depending on their age. And while it’s tempting to invite everyone you’ve ever met to your child’s party, you will probably regret it.

Party tip #9   Prepare your child for the party

A birthday party is an exciting event for children but it can also be a overwhelming. Discuss good manners and acceptable behaviour with your child before for the party, such as how to greet guests and accept presents and what areas are off limits (e.g. bedrooms). This will help the party entertainers as well. If you have lolly bags, ask the birthday child to give them out and thank the guests for coming as they leave.

Party tip #10 Get noticed

For any kids birthday party tie a bunch of balloons to the mailbox, front door or venue entrance so it’s easy for your guests to find the event.

Party tip #11 Allow time for people to arrive

People have other commitments and may be late. Allow at least 15-30 minutes before you get your entertainment to arrive at your party.

Party tip #12 Have a dedicated area for presents

Have a decorated table or a designated area for presents. This way nothing will go astray or get broken and you will know who brought what. Whether your child opens the presents as they arrive and thanks the guests then and there or whether they open them after the party, ‘thank you’ letters should always be formally posted.

Party tip #13 Get kids active

As the guests arrive to your children’s party direct them to a game or activity to break the ice and keep them busy. Kids have a short attention span and so much energy, especially on a stomach full of party food, so don’t leave them to their own devices. Make sure they have structure throughout the day to prevent them from getting bored or getting out of hand. This is where a superhero really saves the day – our trained professionals know how to keep kids entertained and mesmerised! You can also utilise traditional games such as hide and seek, pass the parcel or musical statues.

Party tip #14 Get other parents or friends involved

Our party entertainers love to engage adults in different games and activities – the kids will love this too as it helps them feel comfortable and is great for a laugh.

Party tip #15  When to serve food and drinks

Where possible, feed the children before or after your party entertainer performs rather than during to make sure the entire time can be devoted to the performance. It always helps if they’ve at least had a snack beforehand too.

Party tip #16  Be ready for the cake

Quite often your party performance will end with the cutting of the cake, so make sure you have it ready to go, matches on hand and a camera ready to capture the moment.

Party tip #17  Thank you notes

Party etiquette is so important and gestures such as thank you notes for gifts and attendance are excellent social skill builders. This will stand your kids in good stead for the future and will be much appreciated by parents. For a very special addition to a thank you card, include a photo of the event which includes the birthday boy/girl and the relevant guest.

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