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Movie Themed Party & Movie Themed Party Ideas!

Superflicks is a mind-blowing kids party experience!

Imagine your party guests making their own movie, writing a script, acting it out and watching the finished product, all in the space of a five-hour party. Superflicks inspires creativity and wild ideas, channels them into a script and transforms them into a fifteenIndulge_superflicksJPEGverysmall minute film.

What is this? Superflicks bring to you one of the only portable green screens in Australia. We are on a mission to create incredible, unique movie themed parties for kids. Our parties and events are truly unforgettable, because they’re all about creating a memory on film you can keep forever.

Why use it? Are you seeking inspiration for a party no one else has done before? Have you hosted every kind of party already and want something completely different? Are you considering movie themed party ideas? You might have a movie-mad child who dreams of making their own masterpiece. It’s a long way from your average fairy party or kids disco, but it’s guaranteed to amaze and delight your guests.

How we create magical movies with your kids: Our experienced film crew bring props, equipment, and all the technology needed to create a high quality film. Superflicks guests write and star in their own movie. Best suited to kids 8 and over, the perfect cast size is between 8 and 15 kids. With such an extensive range of genres and themes to choose from, the possibilities are only limited by their imagination. With theme and genre decided on, guests move on to creating their storyline and script. Every guest has the opportunity to pitch a scene, take on a character, and control the direction of the movie.  Our voting process makes the movie making experience democratic, so that everyone has the chance to be a star. After three hours of channelling creative energy, our film crew need an hour to edit the footage into to a masterpiece.  This gives the guests time to eat and prepare for the film premiere.

For a mind-blowing movie themed party, Superheroes Inc. is the top choice for many parents. Contact us today to learn more about our Superflicks parties.


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